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court question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gerald92, May 14, 2010.

  1. so my brother is 17 (im 19) and went to court today, for a paraphenelia charge. anyways, from what he told me, the judge basically told him that he has to go get drug tested today at a medical center, and that he needs to go back to court next week. my brother blazes everyday, and clearly will fail the test. anyways, my question is, what punishment should he expect for presenting the failed test to the judge?
  2. where are you located? laws are different everywhere
  3. i live in socal, as does he. remember, hes a minor (17).
  4. At that age, they usually make you take some classes/rehab for drug usage..
  5. ok...will he be tested in those classes?
  6. From my personal experience.. You finish the program and they made me take another drug test afterwards. Im in Texas, it may be different there..
  7. ok thanks...its gonna suck, but watever
  8. If he got a paraphenilia ticket, im positive the judge will know he'll come up positive. They are just testing him so in the future they know his levels drop
  9. Why dont you guys just get a friends piss.. And just sneak it into the testing place

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