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Court Ordered Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TankGrl, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. I will preface this by saying 4mo ago I was arrested in Georgia for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. my court date is coming up next week and I will not pass a drug test, should they issue one on the date. My question is--although it is stated NOWHERE in my conditions of bond to be clean, will I be in violation of my bond if I fail said drug test? I have read elsewhere that the system expects a dirty result from the first test but I would like to hear answers from people who have been in a similar situation! thank you
  2. Why in the world, if you're already flirting with the legal system, are you going to court knowingly with drugs in your system? Like it or not (and I'm right here with you in the good 'ole SE US and certainly think it's a joke), it is still illegal around here and a very easy way to drag you into the court system and ruin your future real quick....not to mention sucking thousands of dollars out of you for the next few years to support their local government I don't know how old you are, but unless you just want to create issues for yourself on down the road, it's time to forget your "wants," for awhile and take care of your needs...which is a clean record if you ever want to have a decent career sometime on down the line. When I compare my "want" for a buzz with my need for food and shelter, there is NO comparison. Clean your butt up and make a few responsible decisions and get out of the court system or you'll just end up being labeled as a "drugger" and nobody will ever want to give you a job. And for goodness sakes, don't be another weight on the taxpayers and just be a sorry, good for nothing pot head. That's what the people who are so dead set against it want. It makes perfect fodder for them to always vote "no" when it comes time to legalize it. If this is your first ever appearance in court, you better do what you have to do to make this your LAST appearance in court for weed or you'll be messing around with this for years. Did you think it wouldn't help your case to be clean or were you just unwilling to stop smoking and clean up? Either way, that's silly and very selfish. You better hope you get a judge who isn't so "anti weed" or you could really be in for a lot of aggravation and constant drug testing, drug court, rehab visits, huge fines and heaven only knows what else. When you could've cleaned up, went in with a contrite attitude and probably walked out with a small fine and a slap on the wrist. Remember this: We are where we are because of the CHOICES WE MAKE. I hope this all works out for you but it sounds to me like you've not been a very smart camper in these 4 months since you got busted. TWW
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  3. Thanks for failing to answer my question and letting your hubris get the best of you. Take your condescending s*** elsewhere
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  5. right!!
    anyways I am not on probation, I am just out on bond
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  7. If your bond states that you agree not to break the law while out on bail, then smoking weed would be considered breaking the law. But right now, that's beside the point.

    The thing is, since you're going to court for the offense, a pee test probably isn't going to happen, at least for a while. You're kind of putting the cart before the horse here. You go to court, you get convicted you're either going to jail or going to probation. If you go to jail, no need for a pee test. If you go to probation, then your PO will set up a time/date for a drug test and meeting, or they'll do it then and there, but expect you to fail. The third option, you're innocent, requires no pee test at all. So, between now and the court date you don't have anything to stress about. There is no legal reason for you to be pee tested just for showing up to court. You are being charged with possession of weed 4 months ago, a pee test at court will neither prove or disprove your guilt/innocence for the charge, so it's not going to happen.
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  8. I've failed drug tests at court dates before on a couple occasions. Sometimes they'll work a piss test in to the proceedings to decide sentencing. Fail it, they may consider a harsher penalty. It's not a good thing you've had 4 months to get clean. You're at the judges mercy bro. Nobody is going to be able to tell you what happens. You may not even get tested. Who knows. If it is worked into the sentencing agreement you're fucked.

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