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Court: No Limits To Medical Marijuana Amounts

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Superjoint, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. A unanimous California Supreme Court has struck down a law that sought to impose limits on the amount of marijuana a medical patient can legally possess.

    The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that state lawmakers were wrong to change provisions of the voter-approved Proposition 215. The 1996 measure allowed for patients with a doctor's recommendation to possess an unspecified amount of marijuana.

    The Legislature, seeking to give law enforcement guidance on when to make marijuana possession arrests, mandated in 2003 that each patient could have a maximum of 8 ounces of dried marijuana.

    The high court says only voters can change amendments that they've added to California's constitution through the initiative process.

  2. i dont know how it is to be a patient, but that sounds like a reasonable amount for the people that dont grow.
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    Good news for the patients, and a good legal precedent. It must be between the patient and their physician only.

    There are too many deputies who think they know how to play doctor already.
    The language of the law, leaves the issue to be resolved on a case by case basis, pertaining to the medical needs of each patient.

    Some patients require larger amounts to make tinctures, and concentrates, in order to get medicated to an effective dose, than some others do.

    A legislator, or deputy sheriff has no way of making the judgment call, since only the patient and physician know the particulars.
  4. I agree, but still think that the law imposing limits on possession amount was wrong.

    Thanks SJ!

    This made my day :)
  6. do you have a link?
    I have heard of some cannabis docs getting censured for recommending large amounts for their patients, and the med. board reducing their recommending amounts.

  7. To me that seems like a lot of ganja, even consuming a quarter a day- it would still last over a month! As a medical user myself, i typically use only 1 gram a day. On good days maybe half that. An upper limit needs to be clearly defined in law. And i would think 8 oz is more than generous. The law makers just dont hate a clue when it comes to drugs though.

  8. You use a gram a day. . .that adds up to about just under a 1/4 oz per week, =1oz/mo=12oz/yr.
    8oz possession per year is not that much, at all.
    Most ppl misunderstand that 8oz to mean at any given time, which may be true, too, but from my perspective, I know it to mean 8oz/year.
    Most ppl I know use an average of 24oz/year.
    It should be up to the doctor to decide a patient's amounts.
  9. did you know that 8 oz was a YEARLY limit?

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