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Discussion in 'General' started by psykadelic_mess, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. so i have court next week for poss. of 1/2 ounce or less in NC, and i have absolutely no money. has anyone else ever been in this position? i plan on pleading no contest but im afraid its gonna be worse than it should be because i dont have money for the fees. Im just madd nervous and paranoid.
  2. prolly get extension to pay on the fine or go to jail about a week or 2 at worst
  3. You're straight man, matta' fact, that hearing sounds like a cake walk compared to some bullshit I'm facing. I don't see how they can't let you have an extension to pay. Are your parents good for the money/on your side? maybe a friend if it's really a big deal?
  4. dude im in the same exact situation, i was busted with a quarter and i have court the 28th of this month. i also have 0 $ and i live in NC lol. so i know what your going through man.. dont worry about it..

    PS. where in NC are you? im in the gastonia area. you can PM me if you dont want everyone else knowing.
  5. my best friend just got out for weed a pipe no drievrs lincese no insurance no stickers and talking shit to the cop

    yeah and he has no money either we had just enough to bail him out it sucks bro

    best of luck to you

    and FUCK THE LAW
  6. well my parents actually dont even know about it. and I have one friend who said he might be able to help...but honestly thats a stretch cause i know this guy talks alot of bullshit. Im just gonna hope for an extension to pay...cause jail would reeaally suck considering my parents dont know and im still in school.
  7. In my state they have something called 'Stay to Pay'. Basically it's a month extension on a fine if you can't pay it on the day of court. If you can't get the fine payed in a month, you'll get a capius warrant and could go to jail for a week or two.

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