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Court DT: what if i fail?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fivenine, May 25, 2009.

  1. What should i expect if I fail a court drug test? I'm going for possession of marijuana under 20 grams. I told the arresting officer that I'd been smoking (after i was under arrest). I'm going to try to get clean before the court date, but supposing I fail, what to expect?
  2. AHAHAHAH prison RAPE!!!! good one man:D
  3. you could always, 'oversleep' your court date, depending on your area, the consequences of that vary[in other words, look into it]. However, if your going to fail your DT, I would look into that option, and reschedule.

    Just look at the stickies, start the proper cleansing method, don't be an idiot and toke up again, use this as a T-Break, get clean, pass the DT.
  4. if you fail your first one its usually not that bad, they kind of expect it i think. but you really should try your best to pass it, because you want them to think that you have given up weed all together, you want them to think your a changed man.
  5. if its your first one you dont have much to worry about they do pretty much expect you to fail the first one but if its the 2nd or the third or so on,that pisses them off but if you pass the first one then they may not drug test you again or court order you to do a drug program which sucks ass but if it was like your third or fourth then i would be kind of worried but it also depends on judge if hes an asshole pot-nazi or if hes relaxed and fair
  6. I think if you fail a court DT you either face a firing squad, or 6 hours of endless torture before being brutally murdered by a guy with one eye named Isaac.
  7. i belive the smash ur junk with one of those big cartoon hammers
  8. flee the country dude. if you fail you are fucked. automatic jail time.:D:wave:
  9. Thanks guys. I've got 19 days to get clean. But I've also been a daily smoker for 6 months.
  10. lol, bro could you atleast give me a name for the girl in your avatar?
  11. if you fail you either get a second chance or get ass raped by a guy in jail named Tyberious

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