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Court Drug Test help..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zlearddddd, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. whats up guys.. just registered.

    in august last year i got popped by the 5-0 and now have to take drug tests. i've totally stopped for about 4 months. quit cold turkey after smoking about every day since the beginning of the summer and before that even. so, since about september i haven't smoked any weed until last sunday (feb 7), where i took 3 hits out of a small dry pipe. then again i took 2 hits on Friday (feb 12) out of the same pipe. i wasn't supposed to have another test until march and now i just got called in to retake because my last test was dilute... which is fucking bullshit since i have no reason to drink too much water.. but that's besides the point. I'm basically asking what I need to do (if anything) to pass this test on Thursday (feb 18).

    some more info.. i'm about 145ish and like 5'11. i dont play sports anymore so i haven't really been excercising lately. i heard that i dont want to exercise in the next day before the test b/c that'll just make it more of a chance to get the THC from the fat cells into the urine... which is bad haha.

    another thing is i've been reading about the reason they know it's dilute is that there isn't enough creatine in my piss. so i guess i could take some creatine before i go? (since i'll be drinking lots of water/green tea). i have no idea when to take any, how much or what?

    any help would be great guys.. i know i'm not a frequent user lol but shit, helping a fellow pot head would be nice

    stopped smoking for 4 months
    took 3 hits 9 days ago
    then 2 hits 4 days ago
    need to take a test in 2 days (thursday)
    will i pass ?
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    Just drink a lot of water and excercise. You'll be fine. Creatine is just a supplement that bodybuilders take to increase muscle mass. What you're talking about is creatinine which is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and only a small amount makes it into the urine.
  3. Should I continue to excercise even the day before the test?

    Also, I thought creatinine was a by product of creatine so by taking creatine powder mixed with water or whatever will actually help bring my levels up. I just called and my last test came back that I was at 19.5 and the cut off is 21... sooooooo close.
  4. Just try and get a good sweat goin everyday until the test. If you can work-out like on a stationary bike put some sweats and a hoodie on and run till your drinched. And of course keep drinking lots of water. If your piss looks to clear go to GNC and get you some b-12 pills. It will give your piss some color.

    Best of luck man keep us updated.
  5. No, creatine is also produced by your body. Oral creatine supplementation WILL give you more creatinine (after working out, when the creatine is converted into creatinine)
  6. thanks, i've got a treadmill and an ellyptical machine that i can run on for a while to get a sweat going. i've only got today and tomorrow with the test being thursday, though. I've got a few more questions:
    How much water should I drink the day of the test?
    Should I drink any water while I'm working out? Will it help get the THC out of my fat cells faster or slower?
    Will creatine supplements work? since i heard thats what they test for to see if your piss is too diluted or not.. and i was so close last time by 1.5 and i didn't even drink that much water.

    thanks for the help, it means a lot as i really need to pass this.
  7. Thanks, so I should try to take some after I work out today and tomorrow? Should I take any the day of the test or will it be pointless since it won't get processed.
  8. Any more help?
  9. this will work for sure 8/8 in real life experiences go to your local pharmacy store and get the cranberry az or ao stuff thats for urinary tract infection and double the doses on the box trust me
  10. found it online. im gonna pick it up tomorrow after school. called cranberry azo. should i take any of the doses the day of the test? (ill be taking the test at like 3-4pm)

    ill try to make it 9/9 haha
  11. Or you could just not smoke and be GARUNTEED to pass. Pot is nowhere near worth jail. Jails cold and boring and they dont let you keep your undies :/ eff that.

    Good luck bro!!!!
  12. Worst that could happen I think is they send you to a drug program, unless you were busted for something major like felony possession.
  13. You should be good man. Thats plenty of time to get clean... ive smoked that much before and passed. Its definatley not worth the risk though.. getting caught again wont help you at all.

    What I do is I get a little more active.. (stretching, pushups, situps) before you take a shower.

    eat healthy and stay away from fatty foods... stick with the green tea and cranberry juice if you like it. lots of good anti-oxidants. Keep up with the water if thats all you got..

    repeat these steps a few times a day... (lol you dont have to shower each time)

    On your last night before you take the test... pig out on fatty foods.. and eat red meats for creatine. The new layer of fat cells should cover up and remaining cells with THC in there long enough for you to pass your test with flying colors.

    Just make sure you dont go in with clear piss without enough gravity.. Also when you first wake up.. that piss is usally the most potent.. so get rid of that.

    Or... if you want to be riskier, you could rig up a condom and have someone with clean urine fill it up. Youll have to make out a system so its attached to some tubing or something so you can quickly do that if they "watch" you.

    however I dont recommend this.. you have to take proper measures to keep it fresh and at the right temperature for the test.

    Sorry for the long post.. this is what worked for me and I was on probation for two years.

    Good luck! :wave:
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    haha i'm not worried about going to jail.. i don't really even know what'll happen if i do fail this but i'm gonna hope that it ain't gonna happen. i'm on some 6 month program cuz i got caught drinking back in august.

    yeah like i said above, got caught for drinking so i really don't know what they would do. i think they can like fail me from the 6 month thing im on now but idk what will happen then.

    Thanks for the words man. i just found out today that i have to go in by Thursday and i've put down like 4 or 5 water bottles since i've been home from school, even stepped on the treadmill and ran until i was sweating a ton haha. and i've heard that when i'm taking the test to piss in the toilet first, then fill up the cup and then finish pissing in the toilet. idk if the first and last of each piss is more potent but that's what people make it seem like.

    and thanks for the tip about fatty foods before i go to bed. i never really thought about that but it seems like it would be a good idea.

    oh and what do you mean by gravity in my piss when i go in there? i was thinking about taking some vitamin b12 to add some yellow for the color part though but what about that

  15. You have to remember they do drug testing for a living... They know most of the tricks.

    You cant really load up on a ton of vitamin b right before you go in... they will notice.. send it to the lab.. --- you can on the days before the test however.

    Dont worry about the middle of the stream shit.. thats why i mentioned the first piss of the day... you want to get that out haha. (unless you can do it without them hearing)

    and remember, only load up on the fatty foods the whole night before the test

    try to burn off any THC containing cells before you cover em up.

    try and get some tea and or cranberry juice :D

    (A tea i recommend is called: Tazo - Zen) has a mix of lemongrass and spearmint.. add a splash of milk or creamer and its delcious, refreshing, and stimulating.

    and as in gravity.. thats their term for if its a legit sample or not..

    oh and like i said.. red meats / hamburger / deer whatever... good source of creatine.

    hmm: Now that I think about it... this reminds me of Organics. You cant really mess up and burn your plants using Organics.. So think of it that way.. taking pills/artificial shit will get you in the spotlight.
  16. Good luck man... Having never been in a situation where I had to take a piss test or anything, I have no real advice to give you.

    However, I just wanted to point something out. In most states, it is not illegal to have THC in your body (your body is not a container), as long as you don't have any paraphernalia or Cannabis on you or anywhere they might search. But if you're already in a program for drinking they would probably make you do a drug school or some type of more extensive testing. I highly doubt they'd have a case for anything more than a slap on the wrist.

    Unless your state has a law stating that your body IS a container. Then you'd be charged with possession.
  17. haha. Dude that sounds like your on diversion. Everything could be worse. I wouldnt attempt to stress this whatsoever. Your little (it sounds) and your also fine. trust me.
  18. Thanks for the help. I'll be drinking water all during school and tea when I get home. Eat a ton of fatty shit tonight too
  19. tell us how it goes tommorow!
  20. Good luck man...sounds like your goin to do fine. Like others said dont stress out about it.

    Let us know how it goes

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