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Court challenge aims to legalize all Cannabis use in Canada

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ghandi., Jun 2, 2009.


    I think this is extremely pertinent to seasoned tokers (especially to those of us in Canada) because this could be the end of an era of prohibition, and in my opinion the beginning to a huge transition in the way societies treat health and law, as well as the massive impact cannabis as well as hemp will have on the economy.

    I believe once someone legalizes it, the rest of the free world will clue into the hypocrisy that is prohibition, and the benefits of reconsidering cannabis laws, and shit will spread like a motherfucking weed.

    The National Post is a legit paper, and if these lawyers get some widespread attention, this could really mean legalization within the next year or two for Canada. It wouldn't surprise me at all if more than 50% of Canadians are for legalization, so if this is brought to a vote things could get VERY interesting.
  2. I hope it happens and can show skeptics in America that there is no need to continue the prohibition.
  3. im moving to canada:D
  4. Can you imagine? Everyone would be so happy

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