Courage Crew

Discussion in 'General' started by antihero, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Anyone else heard of this bullshit? They are pretty big in my Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio but they go as far as Detroit and New York.

    Basically it's a bunch of Nazi fucks that run around beating the shit out of people that drink, smoke, or do drugs, no matter how old they are or what sex.

    I recently had a conversation with my friend about them..

    labelkills205: how old are these "courage crew" bitches

    **: there really old dude, and id watch your mouth

    **: im not gona tell you anything about courage crew, cause the less you know he better off you are

    labelkills205: i know that theyre gay as fuck

    **: dude, shut up, seriously, its not safe

    So has anyone else heard about these queers? I'd like to meet a few of them :)
  2. seriously? That would fucking explain a lot. A couple of my friend have been jumped when they were drunk and walking back from the bar.

    This was in Windsor, ON. right accross the river from Detroit.
  3. Yeah I've never seen them fight any less then 4 vs. 1. Now I respect sXe people as long as they dont press belief on other people, I mean I hate people that tell me to be sXe but I also hate people that walk around saying try weed or whatever. I believe you should control your own life and no one should try to influence you. cXc takes it too far...I'd love to tie one of them up blow smoke in their face and force feed them everclear...bastards

    They are wanted for murder around here
  4. my roomate and I went sXe once, just to be hilarious assholes. That lasted about an hour into the party and then we both got hammered and blitzed.
  5. if some people tried that shit on me and my friends hahaha damn. theyd be getting rolled hard
  6. It sux when people have to travel around in packs to be safe. Frikkin racists.
  7. Yeah I've seen a kid with a cXc shirt on and I told him him and his boys should go downtown or Clifton and tell them to stop smokin pot..and try to do something....they'd get fucking shot
  8. What exactly do they plan on accomplishing by assaulting drug and alcohol users? Kids need to think before acting...
  9. They aren't kids, most of them are pretty old..likee way out of highschool. One of my close friends knows a guy who joined Courage Crew, and to join he had to beat up his best friend at his own wedding for smoking a cigarette.
  10. Dude just carry around a tazer or some shit and when one of those bitches comes near you shock their asses.
  11. There's a weapons shops close to my place that sells those retractable batons that riot control guys use. I think I might get one.
  12. Blocko I don't think you have to worry if your from Vancouver I think the cXc is pretty much just down here in the states but I could be wrong
  13. sounds like an urban legend to me

  14. Nope. I don't blame you. I wouldn't believe it myself if I didn't see guys with cXc shirts on and actually witnessed a fight when they were involved. Bunch of cavemen really
  15. I go to school in Windsor Ontario. Across the river from Detroit.

    I will proabably get one anyways, just because they're pretty badass.
  16. Raging homosexuals just like FSU.
  17. O I hope for the day when these types of douchebags try this shit on someone with a concealed carry license and proper training.
  18. Close to 7 billion people on this planet. You just have to accept the fact that with such large population you'll encounter a few brain dead morons.
  19. Your friends a pussy lol

  20. Well their homosexuality isn't a problem, just the pointless violence.

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