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  1. hey there, i am new user on here(this is actually my firtst post) but ive been on here reading alot to guide me through my first grow.. i ahve 8 plants that are almost 3 weeks into the veg. process and i have my lights on a timer set at 14 and 10 right now...i messed up a little bit when setting them friend that grew some of his own (also who i buy my mj off of) told me to set them at 14 on and 8 off so me not thinking did that only to realize a coupe days ago that thats only equal to 22 hours..and that the other 2 hours the lights are off so its at 14 and 10. the plants seem to be growing really well aside from one but its doing better. so what im woundering is if i should just leave it or if i should gradually change the lighting pattern? and if i do change is what should i change it to..16 8? or 18 6? any advice will help
    thanks, Eric...happy hoots
  2. anyone?..cause if im going to change it i would liek to start today..the lights come in in about 4 1/2 hours
  3. I'd go to 18/6. Some folks would even probably suggest 24/0.
  4. 18 6 is what i was thinking but im mainly woundering if changing the lighting patteren will damage th plants or anything liek that and im woundering if i should increase the amount of light an hour or 2 aday untill i reach 18 on. im thinking it might be easyier on the plants due to the fact that its not such a drastic change
  5. Are these clones or from seed? 18/6 is preferable, but not necessary, do not go below 18 hrs of light for vegitative stages of growth. IF heat is not a concern, nor your electricity, then go 24 on to shorten the veg cycle and facilitate a quicker move to bloom. Vegitative growth isnt as picky as blooming, so u can go straight into 18/6 or whatever.
  6. I'm all for a gradual change of the light cycles.
    I myself change 'the photo-period' in increments/decrements of 1 hour.

    What's most natural is probably what's best!:hippie:
  7. alright, thanks alot kemhaze i didnt think it would be to bad for them but better safe then sorry. they are from seed

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