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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CanTWaiT, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Hey guys, im new to this forum and have recently started growing indoors...With me being new and all at this i was wondering a few questions which i hope you guys can answer... I got quite a few plants that are over a foot tall (About 6-7 of them)...

    1. When watering them i use "Super Thrive" which i guess makes it grow alot faster - not sure the exact, but my mom told me to use it.. (she thinks im using it only for her tomatoes) and with that - should i use anything else besides that? How many times a day?

    2. I've read quite abit on this forum - and quite a few about "misting"... What are the pros and cons of misting" is there any? Is it recommended to do to your plants or no?

    3. Once a month, i hear its said that all the salt / bad shit that will harm your plants you wash away by "flushing" it out...which is pretty much just taking a 2 liter bottle of soda, and filling it up half way and almost using it all on the plant at once... (and in the end it'll drain because i have holes there)...Is that true?

    4. I dont use fertilizer or anytihng...i use basic nutricion dirt shit that my mom also recommended to me...should i use something more with them...or just continue using what im using?

    Please post back - these are simple questions, but im hoping to learn and one time or another become a pro-grower :)

    Thanks for all help - for those who post anything back.

    --- I just thought of another question, so i figured i'd add to it..but..i read about all the "Stages" that the plants go through...Anyone mind telling me ALL the stages, and what each stage does? Starting from week 1 - week 2, etc etc, as to the strages and what they are...
  2. Hi all.

    Well to be honest i would be here ages typing out evreything you want to know, that does not mean i won't try to help, My advice would be vist the citys links, and use the search facility, i found that most of the related threads answered my questions. Also good link i suggest you read at here.

    Good luck man.

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