Couple rookie grower questions

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  1. Already planning for next year's grow and doing some things differently. Be using 20 gal smart pots. A friend recommended sunshine #4 for soil. Do instill need to do add 25-30% perlite mixture for proper drainage? Also, I'm using the general hydroponics maxi veg and bloom in powder form. Would I still need to feed with this soil?

    I have 3 Dutch Treat and 1 BlackBerry kush going right now, 20gal smart pots. I bought some cheaper kellogs soil from home depot for like $8/bag. I also d idnt add any perlite because on the bag it said therr was perlite in it. Well come to find out, my soil isn't draining properly on 2 of them because I kept throwing soil down and packing it when the water settled. I also over watered a bit, and with bad drainage, my plants haven't been very happy lately.

    Also, the PH of my well water is like 7.5...should I be lowering it to 6.5 for just watering? I've been mixing my nutes and then adding 1teaspoon vinegar to drop PH to around 6.5 to feed.

    Here's the Dutch treat. The 2 on the left are draining ok. I have to give them 2.5 gallons every day otherwsie they get droopy. The one on right isn't draining as well and it isn't as happy looking, pretty droopy. I've been watering that one every other day.
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  2. I've never used smart pots but aren't they supposed to eliminate overwatering?
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  3. Nah, they're not magic. I use and like them, but you still have to wait until your soil is dry enough.
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  4. If the soil mix isn't right (which obviously is my case) it is very easy to overwater...i had 5 plants to start and lost 1. It was so water logged that after 5 days of 90+ heat it still weighed a ton. I even poked about 100 holes in that damn smart pot woth an 8" spike about 1/3" in diameter. It never would come out of it.

    I use to grow in the ground, but given where I live now, I need pots. I can't have 4-6 new holes in the rental property every

    I'll do some more research...

    On another note. A friends father in law is using same 20gal smart pot, the sunshine #4, and just plain water, has not fed it once, is on a drip line and gets 2/3 sun a day, and the fucker are so niiiiice looking...Here they are. I'm just thinking to myself am I over thinking everything or what? These are fucking beautiful with like minimal care it seems like...
  5. Even with perlite you can't grow in mud.
  6. It wasn't mud...It was bagged soil with perlite already in it, obviously not enough however. This whole growing thing isn't as easy as everyone makes it out to be. I've found that you could ask 100 different people how to grow and you'll get exactly 100 different answers. Just to many different constant variables...
  7. We can overthink it too. I’ve went as simple as possible this year in my garden and so far, so good.
  8. The key is to get familiar with growing plants in general. Not cannabis plants, but geraniums, jade plants, conifer trees, deciduous trees, bonsai techniques, marigolds, prickly pear, fig tree, tomatoes and anything else you can get a seed or plug of. Now you have more than just one plant (of less value) then learning planting, gardening - on a more valuable crop.

    It starts with the basics. You have to do a little bit of research on what the plant likes in the soil. Some plants like acid soil, some plant like alkaline soil. So as you get more familiar with the garden, you will learn what certain things do like peat moss will loosen up hard soil but is acidic. So it is an on-going endeavor that the grower has to determine how involved they want to be.

    In terms of soil moisture. There are tricks you will pick up as you go. I have best success with starting in small containers and working up. The roots get to be the best they can be in that container and when they outgrow it (like a hermit crab) they need to move up a size. The issue with starting in the pot you intend to finish with is that sometimes it becomes too wet and creates a situation similar to putting the seed into a wheelbarrow of cement. Nothing's going to happen. The root tips can only be saturated for so long before they suffocate and die. Once the tips die, they start rotting upwards towards the stem. At that point, there really is no hope.

    Make sure the soil is finely broken up. If it comes out of a bag there are chances that big clumps will remain. They never break down and act as a wet spot in the soil.

    I just transplanted a cinnamon plant last night and a brugmansia (angel trumpet) from smaller pots and filled the bottom of the pot with soil up until the root ball was high enough for my liking. Then I added soil around the root ball until it was filled. I lifted the plant up and dropped it a few times (6-12" off ground) so that the soil would settle and wouldn't leave any air spots. Then I took the hose and watered to the top and will leave them until the soil has dried out.

    An easy tip is to take the plant weight (by memory or by scale) right after you do the transplant or create a new pot of soil. Then after you water it and the water has mostly drained, take another weight. Keeping little guidelines like this will help you gauge your watering regiment.

    Anything else, message me. I rarely come back to a post after I leave a comment.
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