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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by patentpending, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Yeah, so I am thinking about doing a small grow because it's getting harder and harder to find good bud around here. Now here is my current situation:

    Living at home
    Plenty of time to take care of plants
    I grow other things too and have a green thumb

    I have 2 fluorescent fixtures that I actually already have set up as a plant light for growing seeds(legal ones). I have my own room and I have a closet with sliding doors so I have space to grow. My main question is how much will the plants smell? I almost always have my window open and the fan going, plus funky smells coming from my room wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary. I was also wondering what is the best medium to grow in, as well as if 2 flourescent fixtures would be enough(2 bulbs per fixture, maybe 4-5 plants total). I was also wanting to know what some good strains would be that have a high yield, good bud, hopefully not a lot of smell, and hardy so they'd be good for a beginner.

    So to recap:

    Will having plants in my closet smell up my room really badly?
    Will 4 fluorescent bulbs be enough for 4-5 plants?
    What should I plant the plants in?
    What would be a good strain for a beginner?
    Where would be a good place to purchase seeds?

    Also, any other advice you have to give about growing is much appreciated!
  2. depends on the watts of the fluros.
    weed usually always smells...and if it doesnt why would you want it?
  3. Presumably you are scared that Mommy will catch you? I don´t think you should be growing in somebody else´s house without their permission. If you get busted they could be in serious shit as well.
  4. try and get about 100 watts on each plant..if you don't have your parents permission i wouldn't suggest trying to grow because flowering plants reek! you would have to invest in some odor control to go unnoticed for sure.
  5. Well I also have several outdoor buildings I could grow in when they start flowering, the main problem is the temperature though. My dad is a smoker too so I honestly don't think he'd care too much as long as I don't get caught.
  6. You don´t think??? Look - make damned sure you have his total permission before you grow in his house. You go down - so could he.
  7. I'm with Cantharis on this.

    It's very simple bro. If, for any reason, your grow is detected (either because of crime, accidental call to the cops, a house fire, someone you told ratting, on and on and on and on) - the house becomes a 'drug lab' in the eyes of the DEA.

    Drug labs can be/and are seized by the federal government during raids. This means that you are not facing a spanking or even going to jail.... you're putting your entire family and their residence at risk.

    Family and blood should be #1 in your book for those you take care of and watch out for.

    I mean you wouldnt drop a dime bag of coke under your dad's seat and then let him take a road trip in the car without telling him....

    Or... maybe ya would. Either way - be smart bro - talk to em about it. If he smokes, he may be cool with a 'shoebox' grow to get some stash of his own...ya never know.
  8. Alright, I know my dad doesn't smoke anymore but I am giving up on this idea for now. What about if I planted come pot plants in my neighbors greenhouse? he's a pretty strange guy anyways.
  9. IF, and ONLY if, he knows what you are doing and you have his permission.

    Actually I think a green house would have a lot going for it. Put in frosted glass so nobody can clearly see what you are growing. You could grow some tomatoes as well, or tie red balls to your MJ. Grow (or buy) tomatoes as a gift to anyone who might be nosey. Nothing suspicious about carrying in supplies. Some protection from an early frost, so you don´t have to harvest in a rush, you can even lay on heating. If I lived in the US or UK I would do that.

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