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  1. Hey everybody! I've been workin on my girl for quite a while now. She is now about 7 weeks into flowering and her buds are so small and she is way to lanky! Im new at this so its hard for me to diagnose a problem just by looking :( I've been looking at other ppls posts all day, comparing situations and i've decided i let her vege too long. No site or book will give me a straight answer on how long on average they should vege for, and theres no better way to learn than from someone whos done it before. HELP ME :)
  2. welcome new blade,,,, if no hurry veg 2 months or 2 foot if inside. then flower till done-- might be 8-12 weeks sativa or 6-8 weeks indica. if flowers are small like you indicate, and lanky you need more light. post pics if possible.:smoking:
  3. sup!
    you can never over will get as big as you let it...
    what is your lighting, temp's, and i take it your growing in soil correct? what size container..
  4. Thanks! I definitly let it go to long then! First plant, lots of mistakes, ya learn by doin right? ill post up some pics when i get home tonight...another question, i know that you have to cut the leaves at a certain point to get it to bush out (just figured this out about a week ago), and i didnt do that (i thought it was more of an option rather than u have to haha), so everything is growing off one main stem with only one cola which sucks! At what point do i cut the leaves off or do i cut the main stem? I'm just confused and everyone seems the have their own way of doing things! She is under flouros, dont that the space or setup for anything else, so i figure thats part of the issue as well...
  5. not enough light is causing stretch and small bud...
    i suggest chop this one up as a learning experience and try again with lot's of research first! map it all out on paper, hell draw a blue print, get a calc, do all the math...then buy some agro grade lighting, a good grow book like the cannabis grow bibble wich you can get free online..
    this should get you going again but in the right direction this time..
  6. sup!
    you can never over will get as big as you let it...
    what is your lighting, temp's, and i take it your growing in soil correct? what size container.. customz

    I let her go for almore 4 months before i switched her over...sure thats not to using flouros cant remember the exact wattage until i look at them, 12/12 cycle, light on ususally around 76 and lights off drops down to 73 or varies a little, i have a small space and cant do much to manipulate it...and yes on the soil question, mix of a few different things. Trying to go as much organic as i can. And its in between 2 1/2 and 3 gal container...
  7. Well thats no good...Haha ud be surprised how much i read up on this before i even tried to start...missed some big things though saldy! ill look up that grow bible thanks! Did u happen to have an answer for my question earlier about when and where to trim to make it bush rather than just have one main stem and cola?
  8. Here a some pics...

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    hahaha me be suprised??lol i understand, it seem's like a lot huh?
    i've been doing this going on 26 years's a science..
    trust me when i say the reading never stop's, so your just scratchin the surface right now..
    hell i'm still learning stuff and new techniques are being honed in all the time..
    i found a link to the greg green version of the cannabis bible..

    [ame=""]The Cannabis Grow Bible[/ame]

    if you use torrent's you can get the jorge cervantes version..

    this should help with material..lot better than forum reading for factual info on growing mj homie..
    but you could read the sticky's it the very top of each forum section here at gc..try advanced grow techniques, indoor , grow rom setup/design, and begginer's section's for great sticky's ..
    but i admit they are lacking all the info, but great places to start..

  10. there is a sticky on fimming and topping bro..try advanced grow tech's right there...
  11. Damn! She needs light bad!:(
    Temps are good and her overall health looks decent. Just need more lights.

    You can never veg too long. But, you need enough light to get good penetration all the way down through the plant. That is why most of us only veg for a short amount of time. It's too hard to get all that light into our setups while keeping temps down.

    Get a couple CFLs about 2-3" from her and lower that fluorescent down too.
  12. Hey thanks man! Very much appreciated...26 yrs...definitly impressive :) Ill keep researching...never ending battle right?

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