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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GroTrees, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Today i finally started everything, i cleaned up the brush around ym grow sites cleaned up 2 pots for the two plants i plan to grow in my room and got a light. So heres the questions:

    1. I heard someone say fluoros dont give off heat, im pretty sure these lights are fluoros becuase the way they look u kno, its two shop lights connected to 1 cord there supposed to stand on a tripod there 500 watts each and are hotter then all hell, does this sound good for growing.( i plan on growing 2 plants each a foot tall in my closet and sprouting 30-40 plants for outdoors. ill prolly keep the sprouts 2 weeks from the day they hit the soil)

    2. I've read all this stuff about animal control and im wondering how many outdoor growers put up chickenwire or fishing line, give me tips if u have other methods.

    3. I started germing today and put 5 seeds in a cup of warm water, i only need 2 to sprout, if they sink do i keep them til the tap root shows, plant them, or use the paper towel method till the tap root shows, if it is personal pref, whut do u think is the best/easiest way.

    4. I also filled up 2 pots today with soil, and i put a good amount of dried blood mixed in, is this bad for sprouting it says its 12-0-0

    All i can think of for now, any help would be really appreaciated.

  2. so much for the lights i just busted out my stolen thermometer and put it about 3 inches from the lights in less than 3 minutes it climbed to 60 degrees celcius and was still rising slowly when i shut them off, guess i ahve about 5 days to find a new light, i have a 13 watt floro that doesnt give off any heat, i guess that would do for a week maybe, im kno left wondering if those are actually lights or if there heaters

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