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  1. Ok I have 3 females out of 5.....Right now I have 105 watt daytime cfl....amd a 42 watt 2700k cfl. I was wondering if I should stop using the 105 watt watt daytime and go with 3 42 watt 2700k cfl's for flower?????? What ya guys think.

    My other question is I dont think much light gets to the lower leafs. They are very bushy. Thanks for the help guys!

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  2. can you rig up all of them? the more light the better.

    lookin sweet so far. any particular reason you're using cfl's?
  3. What do you mean by rig up all of them? Im using CFL due to money/im living in a apartment......
  4. i mean use all the cfl's you got.
  5. I agree; From what ive read; when using cfl's, (low heat), the more the better. In a space that size and in an apt; i would say cfl's are the best bet too since you cant go cutting vent holes in the wall etc; and anything other than cfl's would produce too much heat if air in/out is a problem. Just get a few adjustable neck lamps and use all bulbs you have. Best of luck man,,

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