Couple questions on my growroom, and light leak covering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mister Postman, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I've been growing in a bedroom closet for some time now.. I would veg with the closet all open as the room in not in use, as 24 hour light in veg is not much of a problem... Now that it's time to flower I'm having some problems with light getting in from the outside window, and it's a pain in the ass running home to close up the closet for my 9-9 dark period LOL. God what we don't do for our lovely plant ladies.. "Hey guys I have to run home and take a big dump", "be right back." LOL... 9 o clock like clock work LOL every night:) . Will covering up the window solid no air (the window was open with my last grows for fresh air) exchange be ok for 4-5 2-3 ft high plants in a 12 x 10 bedroom.. I have 3 fans running, but I'm worried if I block out the window the plants will not grow as well due to no fresh air ect.. What do you guys think?? Think I'll have problems growing in a bedroom with not much air exchange exept for during the light period?

    I just have a very basic set-up 250 watt hps, and about 6 cfl cool/warm white 35 watt bulbs to help reach the outer perimeter of the plants. Think I'll start having problems with no co2, fresh air ext. when If I seal the windows?

    Hey any pics of how you guys sealed windows would be a huge help??? Any tutorials you guys may know of would be a huge help!! Basically what I want to do is seal the room, and make the room itself my flower chamber, and the closet will now be used for a veg cycle or geting clones ready.

    I have some New York City diesel X Williams Wonder seeds and want everything solid for these ladies:D
  2. Do you have central heating and air in you house if so you could run a duct from the a/c vents to your room and turn on just the fan on the A/C while your not at home. that should be enough fres air coming in over 12 hours. I would think.
  3. Yeah I actually do.. In the time being I was actually exploiting that with a little box fan sitting over the duct sucking air out even when the system is off. i was actually using this to get the cooler towards my closet, but it can work for getting some fresh air in.. I guess just setting the a/c to fan on all the time would be a better idea LOL.

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