Couple questions for first time trippin' acid!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by hanky, May 4, 2006.

  1. I've rolled waaay to many times and will have a hotel room this upcoming saturday and wanna trip some acid. I've heard a lot of things and was wondering:

    1. The physical feelings are way stronger than that of X. so say messin around witcho girl should be insane? lol

    2. What specific things would be fun to do on it, i'll already have an 1/8 of some dank.

    3. what things are fun rolling that are fun on acid too?
  2. i think u need to do quite a bit of reading over at my friend..
  3. I've done some reading on it the reason i'm asking these questions is because they're things my friends said when they tripped.
  4. 1. foolin around with your girl is gonna be pure fuckin passion, haha things will get so hot that u'll be sweating before you even start to fuck

    2. save your damn weed for another time, maybe smoke 45 minutes after you eat the acid and when your coming down, cuz u cant trip n get high

    3. i don like ecstasy but i find it fun to jus chill in the woods since theres alot of color there
  5. Alright, acid isn't a "let's get fucked up and do shit" drug. It's a "Wow, that changed my life" drug. So if you just want to trip nuts and do some shit... get shrooms. Droppin' acid requires a very high level of maturity.

    You will want to save that dank for when you're coming down.

    As for the physical feelings, it can vary greatly. I've had some amazing physical feelings on acid... and I've felt nothing. So it varies very strongly especially since the biggest lab in the world got busted a couple years back, they suppleid over 90% of the LSD in the world.

    The thing to do on acid is be in nature. Go camping, doesn't even matter if it's just out the back of your truck with a camp fire and some buddies. You want to be beneath the stars... surrounded by nature. Trust me.
  6. I think trippin and sex with the girlfriend would be amazing

    Edit: Im high and I just thought of something better; trippin sex with the girfriend "surrounded by nature"
  7. would yall say that smokin during the trip will take away from the trip? whati usually did rollin was smoke before wait for it to kick wait a little bit then cheif again then towards then end toke my nutz off. yall are gettin me really hyped up to do it!!! im not totally concerned with messing around i was just curious. im definately up for walkin through nature n what not i greatly enjoy thinking about such things. anyway hit me back up about the dank situation. also idk if yall do this but i was gonna take some 4 bars afterwards, maybe 2 or so.
  8. no, smoking will not take away from the trip, u just cant feel any other drugs for the most part once ur up on acid

    "20 20 vision blurred and cant even feel the surp, i'm on acid (man i cant believe this stuffs stronger than that syrup) i can smoke a pound of dro drink myself under the flo, i'm on acid (i cant feel none of these beers man my eyes aint red) put the straw up to your nose take the blow strait to ya dome, i'm on acid (i don even mess wit that snort dog i'm trippin), u passin out in my front yard throwin up off xanax bars, i'm on acid (feel like i took bout 1 to many a them pills)"
  9. best believe i can't wait to listen to that song trippin. music is the best shit ever i swear. im ready to crack up at some vienna sausages haahaha
  10. Lil wyte knows his shit.
  11. Yeah lilwyte is the shit
  12. can you have sex on acid unlike on x? does it mess with your shit like x does?

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