Couple questions before I go into flower

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  1. I am no more than a few weeks away from the witch and have a few questions.

    When should I switch out the mh for the hps bulb?

    I have the 660w super lumens function, should I turn that up the day I switch to 12/12?

    Also I have cal mag, should I add to my watering schedule?
  2. I would give the plants 36 hours of dark between veg and flower. Its just easier and they get a boost from it. If youre feeding nutes you need to look into what your nutes say about switching to flower nutes... some say right away but some say switch after 3 weeks. I wouldnt up the wattage until about 2 weeks into flower, it might shock them. Also, depending on what medium you're growing in , they might already be in need of calmag. But you definitely need to show us your girls... we like pictures.

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  3. The only reason i ask about cal mag is that I read some people add in throughout the grow. I bought it just in case I run into a deficiency that required it. But all pretty healthy.
    What about the hps bulb, I've read that keeping in the mh throughout the stretch keeps them shorter.
    I'm in soil, got a journel up too if your interested...
    This is a pic at light on today

  4. Any other input? Switching bulbs?
  5. IME, (past and present) keeping the MH bulb for at least the 1st week of flower does keep them from stretching..... here is my current sativa girl - Super Lemon Haze.....

    Removed from T8's to a 3x3x8 flowering cabinet with 400w mh (5/27)
    may 27 (1).JPG may 27 (2).JPG
    Here she is after her adjustment and 1st day of light flip (6/11)
    june 11 (1).JPG june 11 (2).JPG
    Switched from mh to hps (6/21)
    june 21 (1).JPG june 21 (2).JPG
    and 2 days ago (July 7th)...... I installed a drywall T right at soil level so I can keep track of her height a little closer - shows she is 10" tall (26" tall including the pot)
    july 7 (12).JPG july 7 (13).JPG july 7 (17).JPG

    Next time, I am going to switch from mh to hps right away as I have the room for the stretch - I just wanted to show a local friend, sativa's can be kept just as short as indica's
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  6. Wow thanks very much, very nice plant.
    So by the looks of yours it stops the stretch basically completely? :/
    I think I'll switch straight away then. I'm thinking to fill the screen full then switch. So I want the stretch. I was just wondering if the mh gave a stunted more compact stretch. But I won't risk it. Thanks.
  7. Thank you - no problem ;) It always helps to see pics.... on most sativa's it will though I admit, I thought I would still get some stretch seeing how she was only 10 days in when I switched mh to hps lol Yes, do switch to hps right away since your using the stretch for a scrog
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