couple problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by evilmachine7, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. here is problem 1 most of the leave on the plant look like this on the sides of the leaves
    if you know what this is .. help would be appricated

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  2. here is problem 2 as you can see the other plant below has same problem

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  3. problem 3 only this one plant looks like this out of the 12 we started all the same time

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  4. ok my bad .. i forgot to write all the varibles in

    i got 400watt lights using G.E.T aroma formula hydroponic chemical most of the plants are in rockwool except the ones that the tips are right burnt and curled

    i am using low amounts of fertalizer NOT to harm them way below spec of the forumaltion
    the small little plant is 4 days under light out of dome
    all others are budding for about 3 weeks now
  5. looks like fert burn....

    what type of fert u useing, and check your PH........
    here is the web page of the hydroponic formula and application rates.
    i dont know if anyone has see these guys GET formula but the power 2 bloom they sell .. has to be the best damn flowering booster i have used with in 2 days of using the power to bloom the flower double in size to be used in week 3 and in week 5 of flower but look out what this crap does it amazing .. but .. i used that in the flower cycle as well as there power thrive .. <b1> which is all on that page .. we are following the chart they have on there web page to a T and we still have those problems.... so 420 you think all problems are over fert ?
    thanks for your help and time
  7. not a big fam of any product that double the yeild..

    seems like the chemicale helps the plant too put her energy into developing biggers buds, while not much THC gland is produce....

    yo plants look like it been over fert, maybe the chimicale, are a bit to strong. any way, u seem to know what u doing...

    Do u work with that website..?...
  8. no i dont work for the website thats actually the web site for where i get all my chemicals and supplies
    does not seem to take away from thc levels .. they actually said that it doestake away from the oils a bit but they have another product folaige spray umph power and that would bring it back ... but look out noo need for that hiogh thc no matter what .. its just funyn to see the problem with the side leaf tips browning its not on all the plants .. the ones that have the very tip browned all of them are doing it in ebb tray .. so in once case its not doing it and the other it is .. thats why i thought the side leaf browning was diffrent

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