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Couple Problems With Weed, Maybe A Seasoned Toker Could Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tim'sGreenThumb, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Okay so here is the deal. I'm a smoker of about 9 months and I smoke about 2 times a week on the average and 5 days a week at most. Up until just recently I have thoroughly enjoyed every stone. I mean I have had a happy fun stone and a good time regardless of what I was doing. As of late though it seems that I've lost some of that high (regardless of taking a couple one month breaks to lose my tolerance) and it is much easier for me to have a bad high. Here are some things that may be affecting this, maybe some advice would help on the situation to get me back to that happy-go-lucky pothead all my friends know and love:smoke:

    1. My life is considerably more stressful than it has been before. And I have a couple of very serious things to worry about.
    2. Some of the people in my smoking group now are assholes. They are the kind of people who fuck with others when the whole group is high, and get pissy when you tell them to back off it's not cool.
    3. My girlfriend likes to get stoned with me and she's something of a newb. By this I mean she get's rocked of a bowl of mids. She doesn't do anything else wrong other than get easily offended by something my friends say because she's a little sensitive, but she always does that.
    4. People keep smoking all my damn weed. I am always the one smoking people out and I've let them get so used to it so now I'm the asshole when I don't get them high...with my own hard earned stash :(

    All these things seem like they could really fuck up my high and I know have done so on at least one occasion, but I suppose my real question is there anything I can do besides smoke by myself that will remedy this situation?

    A couple other quick questions. What if I become a talker when I get high and my friends like to shut up and just get couch lock? What's the best way to politely say you won't smoke someone out; more specifically the guy who just shows up and expects you to get him stoned. Someone I don't particularly like in any case.

    Thanks so much for any advise and happy toking:bongin:
  2. well sounds like its time to find out whether there friends or just want you're buds. id say call them all up one day to go somewhere but mention you have no weed and are broke nd just see wat they say.

  3. First and foremost, it's your fucking weed, not his, so if you don't like the way he looks, tell him to fuck off.

    I absoutely HATE people who get couch lock after gettin stoned. Me and the boys will drive around, sit in the truck and blaze for 10 minutes and talk about life and shit, girlfriends, what not, but what we always do after that is run outside and go and do shit, like frisbee, soccer, football

    ....SO many people have forgotten how much fun getting out and being active is while stoned, and it's so fucking refreshing to get away from your regular friends who are all couch locked and go out and do shit with other people, i feel you in that department man, thats for damn sure.

    As for the "having a bad trip part"...Well, blame yourself, not the weed. And im not saying you are blaming the weed, but what you need to do is be at peace with yourself about several of these situations, and if that means getting away from your regular group of friends, then by all means obliege yourself. Remember that this is life, and not only life, but YOUR life, and you shouldn't have to tolerate any type of bullshit that you dont think is nessecary. Go out and do what you want, and everyone else can pretty much just fuck right off.

  4. Yo buddy, see this weed ive got?

    *Shake the baggy at him*

    I bought it myself. I advise you do the same.

    *Light up*

    Damn, but that is delicious.
  5. Hey there. A few suggestions I would offer are:
    1. If weed is gunna make the situation more stressful ie, getting high and not doing something your supposed to do, quit for a while until a better time in your life.
    2. Don't invite these asshole friends. Invite the friends you want to come, or talk to them when they're not high about it, and hopefully they'll be more rational about it.
    3. Smoke with just your girlfriend sometimes. Or, when your friends are being assholes, just try and change the subject. (shouldn't be too hard if everyone's high)
    4. Tell your friends that they need to throw you a few bucks. (just what they're smoking, not like 10 bucks or anything) Or tell them to bring their own and pitch in. I used to have this problem pretty bad, now I've started having two stashes one that is for me, and then I set a little aside to bring with me when I'm with friends.

    And, try to bring new people into your smoking life, hopefully they'll be active as well.
    Co-workers(only if you know they smoke)
    Family(I smoke with my sister quite a bit)
    Dealers(I smoke with my dealer at his place, we'll match blunts or pack bowls)
    Classmates( high school/college)

    As for your smokemeout "person" Just don't invite him.

    Hope I helped :]
  6. 1. Weed temporarily removes stress, but dosen't solve the problems that cause it. You need to work the problems out, and I know that dosen't solve much, but think about what your going through and start thinking of solutions and how you will deal with it, that's what I do.

    2. don't smoke with those people, only with friends that you trust and won't do that stuff. Try to make new and better friends if you can

    3. hmm, ask them to back off. Honestly, if they are good friends, they'll respect it.

    4. I used to have this problem. When they ask you to smoke em up, tell them you've smoked em up several times and got nothing in return. If they say crap like "whatever dickhead" and stuff, say bye bye to them, those are not good friends. I used to hang out with people who were only friends with me because they used me. They know I would smoke em up so they pretended to be cool with me.

    basicly dude, you need to smoke with different people, period. If you can't find other people, smoking by yourself isn't too bad, but honestly I think you can find others to chill with, especially if your in school.
  7. Yeah I know man, I did this already and I'm down to 3 good friends. I saw that coming and did it, and decided about 4 people had become as I call them "bud-ies". One of my better friends even asked me if I could afford to be smoking him out so often. I was really pleased to see that. I will continue to use this advise though thanks.

    Thanks man, I try to avoid conflict but you are right, just tell these people to get there own. They always have the ready statement,"I'll hit you up next time" when they know they aren't in my social circle. It's all good though, I'll start being stingy if I feel the need.

    As far as being active, man I'm all with you on that. The problem is my true friends are not. They don't like to do anything strenuous or that requires thought when they are high, they like to embrace their inner idiot when they get stoned. Sports, driving, socializing, and anything challenging are definitely out of the question. But hey as long as they are smoking my weed I'll make them get off their lazy asses (i'm the fat one and I want to be active lol) and make them do shit or I'll tell them no weed. Sounds fair to me.

    As far as the bad high, you are 100 percent right. I know the weed isn't the issue. The weed does not have the ability to give me a "bad trip" it's all internal. And I'm steady trying to figure out what my malfunction is, but it seems it isn't me either. Just the external influences in my life.

    Thanks man.

    Lo freaking L! I want to do this to one person in particular who continues to mooch my weed haha. Thanks man!

    Thanks for the advise you were quite helpful I'll address your points in order.

    1. I am well aware of this point and trust me weed does not demotivate me. It makes me want to work harder because it does temporarily remove that stress and it helps me gain a little confidence. Not so much in the way Alcohol would, but more so a healthy little dose. And if I have shit to do the next day or later, I won't smoke. And some of the people I've loosely mentioned in this post are some who will get pissy when I do this, and I never once feel bad about it.

    2. The problem with this is that my true best friend, the one who stones with me well and we click likes the people who don't like me and they get along well. It's not like they are close or anything, but there is definitely no animosity between them.

    3. I LOVE smoking with my girl, she's a nympho and trust me weed doesn't hurt. The only problem is that she is a very affectionate woman (I love it) and gets more affectionate when we're high. I do not, I get kinda active and don't want to be serious and affectionate. But if anyone can work this out it's us.

    4. Trust me I've made this point to my friends, it's just that I really enjoy smoking with the good ones and they are broke bastards

    Thanks man, you offered some great advise as well
    Trust me I know, I won't smoke if I'm in a bad mood or upset about something. I try to be right with myself and the world as best I can everytime I light up. And yhe more I think about it, the more you seem right. I need to try and find a new smoking group, I'd use my dealer but he's a prick.
  8. ya couch lock freaking sucks, i enjoy being outside so much more when blazin
  9. just tell them that they need to throw you some money if they want to smoke. dont act like a big shot because you wont look like a big shot youll just look like an asshole. and when it comes to conversation just start one. and if you know they are gonna pass out right away just tell them that your not smoking them up unless they pay like i said before

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