Couple Pix of my Upcoming Mushie Harvest.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]


    3-4 more days and Harvest will be here!:smoke:
  2. God damn......i cant wait until i have the money/time to get my shroom op going....

    Have fun with that, what strain of mushies you got growing there???
  3. Nice man, I've never tripped on shrooms... but I want to...

    Lol they really look like a cartoon penis...

  4. Nice, looks like you should get a pretty decent harvest. Be sure and post pictures after you do harvest em so I can see how they turned out. Are those GT's or cambodians or something else? Either way, you have fun times ahead brah!:hello:
  5. Nice looking mushies sir, enjoy those! I'd love to get a shroom harvest growing, as I hear they're ridiculously easy to grow...

    Unfortunately the grow kits on GC wont ship Psilocybin to the USA. If anyone knows a reliable place to get them, throw me a PM ;)
  6. those look like P. Cubensis.
  7. i thought the same thing !!
  8. +1 REP man, is the smell bad?
  9. Congngrats on your forest of penises!!

  10. i feel so immature...HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAA:laughing: :laughing: :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  11. If you have seen my setup, you wouldnt think it is easy.. its kind of like weed... to just get a plant/ mushroom is easy.. but to get any kind of volume and good potency takes time and money.. its def an expensive hobby.

    Strain im using for that is Lipa Yai, and Blue Meanie.. I also have some Arcadian Coast colonizing :)

    No smell at all.. well not anything noticeable unless you are trying to smell them.. but right after harvest you have that nice, strong mushie smell

    this made me laugh, thanks man.

    Thanks to everyone else.. I'll def post some follow up pictures in a couple days.
  12. Well I just harvested the first flush off casing #1 and ended up with about 85-90g wet.
    I now have that dunking and preping for my 2nd flush

    I also have casing #2 which will be harvested in about 2-3 days.

  13. Looks like a good grow to me. Any idea on how much weight it loses when therye dried?
  14. Probably about 10 grams dried.
  15. nice dude I want to start growing mushrooms but have no clue how lol maybe a should read up on it
  16. NICE... i remember back in the day when i grew shrooms :D good times
  17. I love it.. I spend probably an hour per day reading and doing various projects.. It keeps me busy.

    The waiting game is the only bad part.
  18. how long does it take to grow, start to finish?
  19. Tons of variables... but generally for me.. 6-8 weeks.
  20. Meh, Kind of a weak pinset. But, It is definitly decent. I would suggest using Cambodian, Brazilian, and a couple other well known ones. Cambodians colonize a huge jar for me in about a week, and from start to finish It's about 4-5 weeks for me bro.

    I keep everything basic, and I've never had problems.

    The Jars are incubated with the Tub in Tub method. The casings ( I'm using bulk substrate, Straw) are kept simple.

    I've been harvesting A LOT, but I recently stopped growing. I've got a good amount too! PM me, and I'll help you out any way I can.

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