Couple pics of the last outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PhoenixPharmer, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Grew to 8 feet tall. As skunky as could be.

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  2. how much did it yield?
  3. hey man sup?
    I also grow outdoors but never get plants not even nearly as big!
    what do you do? is it the nutes or the soil or the seed? what the hell is it?
  4. I too am curious...VERY CURIOUS, also welcome to the city pharmer:hello:
  5. Wow! I am surprised they handled the Phoenix heat so well. Did they get afternoon sun? I would think that the afternoon sun would have fried them. What seeds did you use?
  6. It was bagseed, and grew totally accidentally lol. A friend was smoking some shwagg bud and tossed the seeds into the soil there was a bush growing in. Sure enough, one sprouted and grew. The yield was about 1 1/2 pounds! It survived the heat but it was planted early so it wouldnt have to live in the HIGH of the summers. It gets to about 120 degrees here.
    Its a pretty decent smoke and smells EXTREAMLY strong. The only way i got away with it, was, the neighbors on one side were out of town & the other house was vacant.

  7. Did you use any ferts, or growing techniques?! lol its awesomly huge, and I must know how lol
  8. I live in the carribean where it gets up to 100 degrees and no lower then 85 all year around, and never got plants that big. I'm thinking it was the seed??? i dunoo I am also very curious...
  9. It was bag seed from some horrible shwagg i refused to smoke. Lol. But she spread her arms like wildfire.
  10. Nope, it was all organic. A marijuana phenominon.
  11. god damn
    thats huge
    it was an act of the smoke god
  12. That thing is a f'n freak of nature.. thats the best accident of any form I have seen in my life
  13. gives a whole new meaning to "smoking tree's"
  14. This year was my first year at growing a good crop and mine doesn't even have full buds and its almost 7 feet tall and I started it in may from seed. Do you think this is just beginner's luck??
  15. theres shit in my underwear right now

  16. Or you have a green thumb, my friend.
  17. this picture is inspiring as i have a big ole bagseed bush right now 5'x3'x3':D

    great pics pheonix i really enjoyed, if you have any others post them in the thread please. we could all use some more eye candy around here:wave:
  18. dam, even though it was shwagg i bet those big ole buds looked nice dried huh.
  19. hell yeah shwag bud can actually be pretty good when homegrown. its the packaging and transport that ruins it
  20. I definatly wouldnt call it shwagg, shwagg is seedy, compressed in bricks, dried and cured poorly, and manicured crappy. This's VERRRRY green and seedless. I'd definatly say its some High quality mids. You can smell it on the opposite side of the house when its in a tupperware case, and then in a box.

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