Couple of Spoons, Blown in Tahoe, CA

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  1. first is mine, next one is my friends (rasta colors, but camera had color effect on)

    oh and some hash candy from the dispensary

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  2. Hows that candy treating ya?
  3. knocked me the fuck out. lol. should of saved it for the morning after. it was like 1030 when we ate it. and i just passed out hard.
  4. haha weed candy thats ill
  5. never heard of hash candy lol, how much is it?
  6. wouldnt know... got it for free lol. friends birthday, and her friend dropped it off. still had the disp. label and everything though
  7. wow id love to be able to get this candy
    that shits amazing
  8. Ever had those lollipops with the tinctures mixed in while being made? :yummy:

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