couple of ?'s on flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WaterBongToker, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. i know i probably waited to long to start flowering with my plants being almost 4 months old, but i have started the 12/12 today how long do i do that and what do i do afterwards? i have also heard that u can shock them into flowering by leaving them in the dark for a couple of days? is this true. how long will it take for flowering and how long till my first buds? thanks to whoever answers.
  2. if its a indica yes you probley should have flowered it long ago, depending how tall it is....i flower my plants at 1 foot so when its done flowering it is 3 feet tall.

    you can force a plant to flower anytime just by putting it into 12/12....dont leave the lights off for 2 days that will not give it the light that it needs to grow properly!

    good luck! later
  3. i dont have a pic but i can describe them and maybe someone can help me. the shortest one has a strong smell of skunk and they have little bulbs on the stem at the beggining of the leaf stems. the bulbs have red hairs sticking out of them. one even has a stem commoing out of one. where the new leafs are forming they are curling sidways in a circle what does that mean?

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