Couple of quick questions for PC Micro Grow: CFL Bulbs and Filter

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by DailyToker1985, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm planning on building my first PC micro grow and while I have most things figured out on how i'm going to build this PC, I could use some information that I can't find so far.

    I'm planning on using CFL bulbs to grow them but i'm not sure what wattage and how many I should get. Also, if I should get the cool ones or regular ones. What bulbs work best, and do I have to replace them in stages?

    Also, what material can I use to make a carbon filter? I'm going to place it on the outtake where my PC case fan will go and i'm not sure of what type of material I can use to make it out of. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Hi,

    I've been attempting to grow in my pc case for a while, but timin of the crop has not worked out. I've moved to much, luckily I am settling down. My experience is very limited so I'll share only what I know.

    Pantyhose work pretty well for filters. And I use 24w cfls 100w incandescent replacement bulbs. I have two 2700k soft light, and two white 5700k. I grow autoflowering strains so there is no veg stage. You can switch lights. On my first attempt that is when my my plants died so I have decided to keep both light types present, two of each and 4 lights in total.

    5700 starting then 2700 for veg and flowering otherwise. Also with autos I dont have to change the light cycle, I just keep it on a 18on /6off. My second attempt resulted in a tiny crop that was a very sweet couple of bowls. Before I had to move out.

    If you're a little eccentric I would recommend you get some blue/red LED panels, they don't heat as much. But with fans, cfls are fine.

    I also got a titanium coated cfl that promises to neutralize smell, honestly haven't gotten it to a stage where it can be too affective.

    We'll see new crop just germinated!!


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