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  1. Have 2 plants growing from same container (as an expirement, I have used seeds stashed from the best smoked). One is definitely a female. Can't tell the sex of the other but I think it's a hermie - it has developed pods at the top nodes, some of the pods have pistils.

    1. Should I chop off the "hermie"?
    2. Any way to separate the hermie without damaging either plant or without damaging the female?
    3. Anybody know of any good pictures depicting a bud's initial stages?

    (I've searched the net but have only found the same pictures of male/female.)
  2. if you keep the hermie, both plants will get pollinated and u will have seedy bud. if u chop the hermie, your female's buds will be more potent and seedless. it is not a good idea to seperate them now because disrupting the rootball in flowering causes huge stress on the plant. heres pics of early
    female on left male on the right
    female up close
    male up close
  3. I think that i will chop the hermie and keep the female :)

    Thanks for the feedback and pictures - the last picture helped me out the most.
  4. np man. glad i could help. happy growing!
  5. chop the hermie
  6. Kinda hurt to cut that one down...and on Monday morning too...but am pleased to see that the female is really thriving now, guess the roots don't have to compete for nourishment.
    Bought a digital cam, took pics, and will post pics asa i learn :rolleyes:
  7. itll pay off in time :)

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