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  1. hey guys
    swim is thinking of growing at home in a spare room. Swim doesn't want to grow tonnes of plants, just maybe 3-5. Swim has never done this before. Would a fan blowing on the plants be enough or would swim need an exhaust fan. Would having the window open slightly be ok? What sort of led light does swim need? is there any lights that fit into a normal desk lamp that swim might be able to use? Also, is having these lights on unattended a fire hazard?
  2. A lot of questions that most people can't answer for you because it depends on your setup/etc. Without pictures, etc. it's hard for anyone to tell you what you need. Having a vent fan in an indoor grow is VERY important. Humidity builds up fast off of a transpiring plant or after watering. You will want to keep humidity below 40% and during flowering even lower to increase resin production in buds. It sounds like you are going for a cheap setup, but if you are interested in LED growing, I suggest prosource LED lights. I use the 180w version. People will tell you it's a waste of money, but it has saved me money in venting/extra electricity/rewiring to make things safe. My grow room is pretty simple: 3' x 3' x 8' closet, walls painted white, vent fan in ceiling ($200), box fan, thermometer/hygrometer ($10), 180 w LED ($500), timer for light ($10). That's all. It works wonders, temps stay easily regulated, etc. I would NOT suggest cracking a window, unless you live in the country or don't have neighbors. Window open = smells going outside and an easy entrance for people to come yank your grow! THINK SAFETY! A desk lamp will not grow good weed. Also, I have left my LED unattended for up to 5 days at a time. I am not worried because it is only 180 watts, but replaces a 400 HPS.
  3. you can not grow 3-5 plants with a desk lamp

    you'd be hard pressed to grow 1
  4. first of all YOU dont need to call yourself swim here lol

    second... you can get away with a fan, assuming the room has adequate air flow and doesnt get too hot/cold or otherwise have issues lol.

    one light (since you implied 1 desk lamp) isnt going to be close to enough... i grew 1 plant with clf's in my closet and that bitch had 6 bulbs on her at all times 4 on top, 2 keeping side lighting. However the 4 bulbs on top were all hooked into 1 desk lamp... get a y socket splitter... get 2 more socket splitters... you can then put 4 bulbs into what was once 1 socket... but still for more than 1 plant you are probably better off getting a smaller t5 for vegging and another for flowering, but you will still want side lighting as florescents hardly penetrate to lower leaves
  5. lol swim.

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