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  1. I'm starting to notice my plants tend to droop an hour before lights out, during lights out & then perk back up when the lights come back on(18/6 light cycle)I'm understanding this is basically the plant sleeping. Just needed confirmation. No smart ass comments lol

    Also, I want to confirm that greens lights really help aid as a distraction when entering the grow area during a plant(s)night cycle

    Another thing, I usually spray my plants with rain water once or twice a day to wet the leaves and wet the topsoil just a tad, is it really only safer to do this during the night period or can I water with lights on and just shake significant water droplets off the plant(s) leaves by shaking the pot?

    I also want to confirm that for instance, if runoff pH is 6.4 yet watering solution was 6.5, to raise the soil pH I would per say raise the watering solution to 6.6 at about/the most?

    What's the highest temp a grow tent/area can reach without stunting growth?

    Is 700 the highest + safest ppm for soil grows when plants have just entered the vegetative state(for example if plants are 25+ days old)

    How can you identify a top(as far as LST techniques)?

    Feel free to add to questions and thanks for any answers/advice.
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  2. IMG_4084.JPG
    Figured! Nice grow as well! Here's the last pic I took of my ladies(yesterday-day 24 from sprout)
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  3. Not sure exactly what you mean by that question, but if you have to enter the grow room at night using a green light will not effect the dark cycle.

    Why are you misting your plants? Foliar sprays are one thing, but misting really isn't necessary or beneficial. Also, it could cause problems.

    I wouldn't let the grow room get past 78F. I like to keep mine around 74-75.

    Not sure what you mean by that question. Can you elaborate?
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  4. can't tell for sure but looks like the light is up higher then it should be
  5. They will also droop when you water

    Green light doesn't aid, if you need light at night only a green light can be used! Plants don't see green. No other light shuld be on. Sorry if that's not what you ment.

    Never spray during day time. I don't have a green light, if I've ever done it I do 5 mins before lights out. Also I wouldn't do it everyday. If you do then do it watering days I'd say. There's lots of resources about the benefits of foliar spray. Some say no point so I'm not sure tbh. I've done like 3 times the whole grow. Mainly to try and correct a def. I think I read leaves absorb up to 900% faster than roots.

    6.5/6.4 sounds like a good range. But yes your workings sound correct lol

    In my battle with temps I found comfort in the following

    image.png image.png

    I have no idea about ppms but what I will say is, LEAVE the nutes alone for the time being lol. Expecially in the all mix. It was past week 4 before I started and I used the light mix.
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  6. Oh and a top is basically any arm that grow bud. You see the left has 1 main top, where the left was trained for several..


    ^^read lol^^
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  7. You confirmed my answer as far as the green light & Didn't know about the misting and really don't know why I was doing it honestly lol
  8. Very informative! I'll have to correct and make some changes on my end
  9. It's at 24" from the LED to the very top of the plants.
  10. Ok, got it! Makes sense lol
  11. Ok, good deal. You may be thinking of/got the idea from Foliar Sprays. This is when people will put a mild nutrient solution ( Coconut Powder, Aloe Vera Powder, Kelp powder, Silica, Neem Oil etc...) in spray bottle and apply before sun up ( giving enough time to dry out ) or right before lights turn off. I do a weekly Foliar spraying on my plants that is an IPM ( integrated pest management ) of Cold Pressed Neem Oil emulsified with Aloe Vera powder. If you do get into Foliar's just make sure you are not spraying past the 2nd week in Flowering. Here is a link to give you a better idea:

    Foliar Feeding Marijuana Plants
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  12. I have a solution that has directions for foliage spraying, I did it once but only like a droplet in a filled solo cup of RO water. I saw results as far as greener foliage as expected plus no burns so I won't do it as often but appreciate the information!! Very informative
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