Couple New Grow Questions, Urgent

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  1. I have 4 bag seeds (Was 5, 1 didn't make it... I'll explain below) and 3 auto seeds berry ryder growing.
    The bag seeds are farther along, see first picture:
    bag seed leaning.png
    These guys are leaning, and it seems almost as if they're using the rim of the cup for support, what can I do to remedy this? 1 of them (the plant that died, I tried to fix it with the "split straw" technique, I thought it was a bright idea to listen to someone that said to split a drinking straw and use it as a support, it pinched it when I was putting it on and it died.
    Will these guys eventually be able to support themselves again? And how do they look?
    Next question, I just pulled these Fem. Autoflowering Berry Ryders out of darkness today and moved into sunlight, leaves are yellow and it seems as if these guys are also getting the "hunchback/leaning" syndrome that their counterparts have. How do they look? I saw a few posts saying the yellowing at first is normal, but I didn't have that with the first set up there.
    See picture: Purple ryder sprout.png
    I'm also planting in 2:1 ratio FFOF/FF Light Warrior, watering using distilled water. No nutes yet.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. What Kind of light do you have? and how close is it? they look like there stretching for more light?
    They're in pots outside. The bagseeds were kept a little bit longer than needed in the dark, that's why they stretched so far. But it seems as if the stretching has stopped now, but I'm just curious if they will recover from the lean due to excessive stretch?
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    Water the soil first and put it in there or just add dry soil?
  6. I would suggest getting bigger pots and bury those suckers right up to the leaves. Then water and give them plenty of light. 
  7. Bury them deeper in damp/moist soil to support the stem. My first plant did that because the light was too far away. I buried them til just a half inch of stem was sticking out and she grew like a champ.

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