Couple more newbie questions... NOT THAT NEWBISH THOUGH!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrgosujt, May 13, 2006.

  1. Basically im putting together my setup and im curious. How important is pressure to grow rooms setup?

    Also can a heat lamp help early stages of growing until a hps is setup? Also can a heat lamp replace proper sunlight or a HPS temporarily?

    Whats the maximum plants youd recommend for a 450 watt HPS ? (White widow)
  2. google.

    heat lamps will rape your crop
  3. Yes google. Its a search engine. I prefer to ask people of similiar interest in a forum/chat/location that can help me. Thanks anyways,
  4. mrgosujt
    Do NOT use heat lamps. All they will do is burn. Get the 400watt hps or even better the 400 watt MH/HPS switch able ballast. Pressure (negative) is only necessary to draw air out of the room for venting, cooling and exchanging stale air for new air (and CO2). I think that's the pressure you are talking about because barometric pressure is not relevant or controllable for that matter. For 400 watt hps I would recommend a maximum of 6 big plant or 15 little SOG plants.
  5. I see. Sweet. I meant the pressure in a room such as sealed off room or box?
  6. Why do people always point yyou to google. If your not framiliar on how to properly search the internet your screwed. God forbid you have to spend 2 min typing to help a fellow grower. If your going to tell someone to use google, you shouldnt even respond. I dont mean to sound like an ass, and its not directed personally at you cuntie, many people do it.
  7. use this sites serch engine or just ask a simple question somebody is bound to answer it

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