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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by CannabisInCanada, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Everyone envisions the stoner as a slow individual; a person who finds it hard to communicate with others. The two seem connected, and they are, but only one is true. An adverse but often sought reaction from cannabis is an intra-personal journey, a venture inside ourselves, temporarily offshooting the thoughts and opinions of others to better develop our own. This effect makes us socially unstable in that moment because we are, in fact, not focusing on others. When others attempt to contact us, we become slightly distraught and it may take a moment for us to clue in. Hense, the "slowness." In reality our minds are operating on a level much different, and faster, then their sober mind. Our mind is on an overdrive of ideas, in the last gear, one poping up after another, all related, usually.

    The typical "burnout", I imagine, is someone who has experienced too much of that scenario. A person who has become so wrapped up in themselves, their own hectic, slowly becoming predominant new thought process that they lose touch and quite literally forget how to socialize. Man, being the social predator that he instinctually is, will pick up on these inadequacies both in themself, and therefore spawn a feeling of inadequacy, or in others to see the others as an unworthy social class predecessor. Either way, this thought will become contagious with time, and the "burnout" will be made to feel as exactly that.

    So basically the thing that interested me most about this thought is the possibility that a "burnout" is not so much created by the drug, the drug is only a prequel to a social campaign that may bring down the individual's spirit and leave him a seclusive social mess.

  2. I don't know what to say but I know what you mean.

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