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  1. came into some plants and decided to root and bonsai em.

    here's 2 pics of the same plant just before going into the cabinet. completely natural sunlight till now.

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  2. Very artistic man.
  3. I may be wrong but isnt it in pre-flowering stage?
  4. looks like its got a small bud on it to me.
  5. Can you bonsai a plant thats in flowering stage?
  6. I would repot that thing, you could strangle those roots bro. And being as small as it is, i would let it get alot of sunlight. My babies from seedlings are on 24/7 and loving it.

    Heres a link

    They are now 4 weeks old. And will leave them on those lights for another couple of weeks till I can take some clones.

    Good luck, the little one looks pretty healthy!
  7. thanks all, but thats actually the way i want it.

    as there is a little bud in a few spots, im gonna put it in with it's big brothers and see if it will grow a little more. if not, it still looks nice on my piano.
  8. that would defeat the purpose of it being a bonsai. i had a bonsai plant that was 2 months old in a 3inch by 3 inch pot.
  9. idk if i quite understand the bonsai title it looks a little stretched to me and its gotta be a clone or a ryder otherwise it doesnt look much older than a month but one cool thing is you can take those little tiny buds off of there as long as your keeping your piano room light on 12/12 and reveg and get a real harvest next time and try again with a little bit of wire and some patience u can have a pretty crazy bonsai tree looking plant that u can keep veg'n for a couple of years then let her flower i think that would be pretty fuckin intense but tough to keep the canopy i had a plant in a tiny closet that i over fed like crazy and potted in a gigantic pot and i had to trim the shit out of it like weekly to keep it from shaping to the closet its self so she got pretty fucking dense and kinda shaped like a tree il include pics...but this was done by mistake im sure u can make it cool

    some more pics 025.jpg

    some more pics 036.jpg

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