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Discussion in 'General' started by gwl, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I've been listening to people a lot on the medical marijuana issue that it should be put into a form like a pill. I'm sick of hearing this because this is the deal, first of all, our country is so used to pills that smoking is so terribly bad for you that you should pop a pill instead of controlling your high by smoking. Second what if someone is very tolerant to one pill, sure they could give them a higher dosage of the pill but that'll probably create so many problems people will be going crazy and not be able to control their high. We've all seen what pills can do in medication and that smoking is becoming more and more illegal all throughout the country so it's being looked at as worse and worse. Sure they can give you the ingredients that are probably gonna be in the medication but chances are they're gonna put more than THC in it if the governments going to be doing it. Just because someone doesn't like to see smoking doesn't mean we should follow their methods and pop a pill, take your medication the way you want to.
  2. I kinda like my herbal meds just the way they are.:hello:
  3. I believe someone beat you to the bunch.

    I'm pretty sure there is a synthetic TCH pill out there. Gets you stoned, does the same things as MMJ to you really.
  4. Yeah, there's definently a pill out there, I forgot what the name was, but the listed side effects are very bad. Why would anyone want to go for the pill with tons of side effects?
  5. marinol is the name i think
  6. Not to sound like an a-hole or something, but smoking in any form is really bad for your body. As much as I love smoking the herb, I just can't say that it's the best ways to get high in terms of one's health. People who are on MMJ, are not on it so they can get high all the time from smoking legal herb, they are on it to cope with some sort of health problem, in which there are people out there who can't smoke it and would rather pop a pill or eat an edible. I hope they don't get rid of the herb 100%, but having it in a pill form alongside the herb shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.

  7. RIP heath ledger
  8. ur making it sound like our nations overall view of marijuana is getting less tolerant wen in actuality our nation is becoming more and more tolerant to marijuana use everyday, in the early 90's there were less than 100 mmj clinics in the usa and now there are thousands... and many states are starting to relook at their marijuana laws, michigan is the most recent i believe
  9. I'm sure they could develop a cannabinoid based drug for use in aqueous form for nebulizers or solution or suspension form for metered dose inhalers. But all of that adds a lot of cost. Personally, I'll keep it cheap and simple and stick to growing and smoking it.
  10. i am not sure when when michigan started but i know for a fact NY is looking at legalizing it within the next 5 years.
  11. I would take some thc pills for sure. Easier on the lungs
  12. colorado is the first one to legalized it but u still go to court if ure caught it with federal law,

  13. I was reaching for my inhaler as you wrote this, nebulizers are pretty pricey and the solution for them are fucking insane even with insurance. I would love to see it but there is most likely no money in it without the government backing it as the only form to use MJ.
  14. really? awesome. sources?
  15. i guess they could make injections of it..
    but pills or injections (really just pills) are the only safe methods of introduction into our systems. smoking is a really unhealthy way of doing it.
  16. im pretty sure that vaporizers work in a much less harmful way then just straight up smoking it
  17. vaporizing is far less harmful than smoking.
    but not without harm.
    pills in themselves cause no harm, no different than eating. that is why most prescriptions come in pill form.
  18. How about some research, sir. Pills cause all kinds of digestive problems, and depending on the medication, harm the liver. Also, if the drug in the pill is synthetic, such as the CURRENT pills on the market, Marinol, and Sativex, which contain synthetic THC, it is harmful to the digestive system, unlike natural THC.
  19. I'm fairly sure marinol is used to increase appetite in aids patients
  20. how about you listen to my argument.
    i am saying pills are the safest method of ingestion.
    not talking about whats in them. but taking that same compound, its safer to take it in pill form than some other way. feel me?

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