Country Of Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by kenshiro, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Which country do you think you can get Marijuana easiest, cheapest and best quality in general? :smoking:
  2. Probably B.C.
  3. Jamaica. Hands down..

  4. umm the netherlands. i mean amsterdam is in the netherlands and marijuanas legal there.
  5. belgium does alright as far as i know, and canada is greatttttttttttt...

    mexico you can get garbage bags for the cheap cheap, but theres a good chance youll find a human arm in there, or atleast a stem of equal size...
  6. yeah but the question is easiest and cheapest.. going to a coffee shop and paying top dollar is one thing, walking out to a fuck load of plants and people selling it everywhere for cheap is another..

  7. Yea, I've never been to Amsterdam but I know it's kinda expensive.

    that's my favorite country.

    but probably BC.

    are you fucking serious?
  10. jamaica...nothin but the best dank and 5$ could get you as much as you want

    that my favorite country

    but probably Canada

    (heard of provinces?)

  12. Thats actually pretty funny, he was making fun of you cause you said the best country is Vancouver, which is not a country. Then he goes on to say that BC is the best, which is a province, not a country.

    edit: jasonjasonjason beat me to it
  13. Yeah the weed situation up here in the great white north is pretty damn respectable. The buds good, and cheap too. All this coming from a guy in Ontario, if I were to go west into Alberta, and BC, the weed would only get better.
  14. ok, i didn't know that vancouver was in canada..
    how dumb do you think I am?

    that's exactly what Virtuoso and others speak of.. get off people's dicks
  15. my guess would be canada or the netherlands....jamaica is easy to get weed at but ive gone there twice and both times it was shit weed
  16. Jaaamaicaaa
  17. Im from the USA and I'd say...CANADA.
  18. Marijuana Man says Jamaica has some boo boo buds. What do I know though, I've never been there. From what i've seen online B.C. has the quality.

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