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country home for mature toker! uk

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by earthgirl, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. A friend of mine has a comfortable house for rent in the hills of co. tyrone, ni. the rent is low enough to get housing benefit. it is set in a large acerage of farmland and is quiet and private, has a garden and central heating. a great opportunity for an mature toker/couple who want to move to the countryside and grow yer own...own vehicle essential. i am keen to get some cool people into the area and will assist in every me. :)
  2. great idea! wrong county..wish you well though!
  3. Sounds fuckin damn good.
  4. I lived in bedsits in London for years longing to get to the countryside. In the end I achieved that dream.
    It is great to have a house with enough space to have a growroom.
    Most of all it's lovely not to be woken at night by noisy neighbours.
    I like to grow veggies and flowers in the summer too.
    But it would be lovely to have some cool peeps from England, Holland or whatever over here.
    This is the last fronteir; The North-West Fronteir of the British Isles.
    England, Wales, Scotland and the Irish Republic were settled by hippies and stone-age travellers but N. Ireland was cut-off by decades of political probs.
    Another thing is that this is the only place one can still rent a house cheap enough to get housing benefit, the houses are modernised too and while one can still light a fire one has the benefit of central water all the time and fitted kitchens.
    My cats find it a paradise and have plenty of jungle to roam in.
    Now that things are cooled down here and peace reigns it's virgin territory for cool people to come and start their own scene.
    Anyone who wants to become a pioneer and settle I will do my best to help and to find them a place.:)
  5. I lived in Northern Ireland for 6 months.... don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful country, but living in the middle of nowhere for that long was too boring. And I couldn't get hold of any skunk or hash. I had to bring it back from England, and I rarely visited.

    Now I live back in London and it's all good!

    But each to their own :) Enjoy the calm life of Northern Ireland!
  6. Thats are a city person obviously.
    No, in the countryside you have to have a little patience to grow your own stuff, for a start it's cheaper and also you dont have to depend on dealers.
    Country lovers dont find the countryside boring at all. Anyway, glad you got back to London where you are happy. I love London but I would'nt want to live in a city.
  7. I could'nt live in a city anymore. When I go into the local town I get claustrophobia after a while and can't wait to get out! But it is nice to go to gig or some shopping.
  8. I love the city. If I lived in the country I would eventually start looking at sheep differently.
  9. Thats very true, you would get a more real idea of what you are eating! Thats why I'm a vegetarian.........
  10. ive always lived in the city but it would be a dream to move to newyork(manhattan) or hongkong city i like the noise..........

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  11. earthgirl, I think he meant thinking of sheep in a sexual sort of way, if i'm wrong, i'm really not perverted, that's just how I interpreted it.
  12. I think so too, pyro....and if I'm wrong, I'm really not perverted either.
  13. "i knew it! he's a sheep fucker!! .... he's not one of us!!!"

  14. Hahahaha, I never thought I'd say this...but you blades smoke entirely too much reefer.

    vatoloco-pothead and carnivore, well omnivore

    nice pic of HK btw

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