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  1. So me and my girlfriend are 19, and we love to travel. So far we've been to about 8 states, Mexico, and China. What countries allow tourists to smoke Marijuana, at the age of 19. I'm not talking about any Private Cannabis Clubs or sketchy locations. But where I can legitimently, go in a dispensery(?), and purchase marijuana, LEGALLY.
  2. Gotta be 21 in rec states.
    If you can't buy a beer, you can't buy legal rec cannabis.
    Ugly truth, I know..
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  3. Thats why I said countries.
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  4. There are currently no recreational dispensaries anywhere overseas with the exception of the Netherlands (coffeeshops). It will soon be easy to get marijuana in Jamaica (temporary doctors note) but I'm not sure any medical dispensaries are open there yet

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention Canada will soon be legal with dispensaries for your age.
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  5. Awesome andwer dude. I apreciate it.
  6. Unfortunately pharmacies there will only be selling to registered users who are citizens or residents. Their legalization law says tourists can't buy it (dumb huh thanks for making me go through trouble to score). That being said it will still be very easy to find, but you will still have to ask.
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  7. Amsterdam is your best bet. They have had a lot of regulation though...ironically when we are going the opposite direction they are getting more regulated on their sales/tourism.

    Probably still the best and ONLY place if you just wanna walk in and buy it. Just don't look like a tourist/american. Rules of thumb when traveling.
  8. And gow should I go about looking like an amsterdamian?
  9. Same way you don't look like a tourist in new york. Pretend like you know something. Otherwise people can and will take advantage of with ANYWHERE.

    Just be chill...and only in Amsterdam will you find the ability to buy and smoke in a shop or possess 5g or less. Other areas are still 5g or less decriminalized but won't sell.

    Also have Spain as an option. They're VERY pro-pot on the dl atm as is France. Amsterdam is the only place where you can actually buy though.
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  10. Vancouver ? Canada is in limbo our drinking age is 18/19 depending where in the country you live . I don't see why the marijuana age would be any different .

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  11. yeah @ 2% thc
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