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  1. If you are going to count the entire time your plant is growing, when do you start the count or when do most people start the day one count? If you want to count all the days the plant is growing. Do you start when the seed first germinates, when you plant the germinated seed, when the see first sprouts from the soil, when the plant has first set of leaves and/or is transferred into a larger medium? Thanks.
  2. Auto seeds day it pops it's head up is day 1 so around 80 days u done. Photo seeds are from the day they start flowering

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  3. Vegetation of a photo plant starts from the day it pops out also.
    Flowering of a photo is from the day you start 12/12.
  4. I really don't understand the fixation on having to know days. Some guys count day one of veg when it pops. Some when it has its first true leaves, then still others wait till it is no longer a seedling. Flowering, some when they switch to 12/12 and others when pistils start. Then you've got the growers that count weeks. And still there are those that start in days and then switch from days to weeks. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. Why? Because, she ain't done till she's done. The only time I track days, is for journals and even then, it's generally an estimate and not 100% accurate.
  5. the more you know about the strains you grow, the more you can improve each grow.!!
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  6. True, and each grow is a different learning experience. but just because I watered one strain on day 24, doesn't mean that the next plant I grow of that strain will require a watering on day 24. Nor do they always grow the same. I have grown the same strain several times and have had the plant mature at different rates. One took 11.5wks to finish flowering and a clone from that plant took 8. I have learned which of my strains are N pigs and which tolerate being closer to the light. But none of which relates to days
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    Papa I get my seeds from Nirvana and they say their auto flower Bubblicious takes 90 days. I'm growing one right now and it is in week 10 and is why I was curious about days. It still has a lot of pistils and all clear trichomes. As a new grower I was hoping to narrow down the harvest date a little better. I don't have many grows under my belt and still having difficulty knowing just when to harvest because trichomes don't always tell the story and neither do pistils. I've had several plants where the tricomes didn't turn cloudy, and some that never did turn from cloudy to amber. My color blindness does not help either. Easier to calculate the time when changing the light from veg to flower...two months later they are probably close. Autoflower to me is even more tricky and not knowing when to start the count didn't help. For present grow I started when I moved the small seedling into the ten gallon pot. So I may be a week behind. I'm still struggling with harvesting at just the right time after having read a ton and several grows. Was going to try at the first sign of amber with my last Sour Diesel grow but I swear it went for nine, ten weeks in flower and I didn't see one amber trichome. As a matter of fact, I still saw some clear. Small amount, maybe 5%, but they were still there.
  8. Post a pic of in normal lighting my man. You may be getting crowning which means your plants are starting to regrow. I've had that happen also. You want to cut your light back the last few weeks like from 12 down to 11 like 3 weeks away then like 10 2 weeks away and see what that does. If your plans get over a certain amount of light they will do that and heat stress will cause them not to finish

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  9. Do u see orange pistols on the bottom parts of the buds but new pistols growing on the tops of ur buds?

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  10. If ur thrics are cloudy for weeks without turning that's what could be happening. If u have issues with ur grow u could set back growing time. Plants will also start to loose smell

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  11. Before we all had lights we could only grow outside. So in nature ur plants will grow if they are getting 13 plus hours of light during summer. Than once fall comes the hours of light goes down to 12 or less. That is when ur plants will flower. So at the end of fall u are getting like 10 hours of light. Well indoors had to be the same. Also once ur buds have swelled up than u can also move ur light away a little. U are trying to simulate end of life like in nature

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  12. 9-10 weeks = 63-70 days, you were 2 weeks away from 80 days and 3 from the 90 mark.....?????

    sry, i may have misunderstood something.
  13. Papa thanks a million for the tip about decreasing light. I have NEVER heard this info before and I've read a lot. Do you do this with both regular and autoflower? I don't recall ever seeing orange pistils or pistils on top. I have to have a friend check for any color changes and he really digs in with magnifier because him and I are the only ones who use this supply!! I am definitely a "small time" grower. I'll post a picture later when the plant lights go out. I recently had a Maui Wowie plant that was smelling great, but I have heard over and over again not to harvest early and I did that with first few grows. Well, I think I harvested this plant too darn late!!! It never did have the good smell it had a week or two prior.
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  14. Old Guy: I'm old too. I am so freaking old I'm thinking about not smoking at all anymore because I've been doing it so long. But I've loved it my entire life...and I've never turned in to a Meth addict. It was a regular plant flowered for 60 days..two months...and then two months one week, and then two months two weeks, and the weeks past 60 kept adding up and no changes so I harvested because of time. Again, I am struggling at being able to tell just the right time to harvest.
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  15. Photo...See attached... IMG_5097.JPG
  16. Photo two...See attached... IMG_5088.JPG
  17. If your growing a hybrid or indica just plan on taking it 10-11 weeks
  18. For the Bubblishious CBD, I was just following what they said on seed website...90 days. So you
    think this may be too long for autoflower?
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  19. May be even longer is it foxtailing? how are the hairs red? Have you checked trichomes? Are you looking for couch lock?
  20. CDC: Not foxtailing nice and thick, trichomes clear don't see a cloud in sight, and I always try for head high. Now remember these are autoflower.

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