counterstrike condition zero

Discussion in 'General' started by scarymoose, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. i just got this game yesterday and i have a few thing to say about it

    the one player mode is exactly like the online version except you have to be counter terrorist, you can choose whos on your team, and there are mission like kill someone with a sniper rifle

    this game is also like the online game because it is very slow
    in one player mode
    when you get near a enemy with a few allies it gets very slow and you will most likely die
    i havent tryed the online mode yet

    so far i dont think it is worth the 30$ when in a few months it will probably drop its price

    does anyone else have this game?
    if you play online, what server are you on?
  2. I stopped playing counter-strike after 1.3

    too many cheaters, retards, and dick-heads.
  3. Bitch I'll rock you at DC.
  4. Almost like everyone who plays online games deals with l33t retards and shit talkers. Gamers can be so retarded sometimes.

  5. most of those people get banned

  6. No they dont....VAC sux and so does Cheating Death....cheaters and lamers are all over...

    The only reason why I havent bought CS:CZ is because I started playing Counter-strike when it was still underground in the good old beta days where there were a lot less cheaters and retards Counter-strike is played by all the wrong people..mostly little kiddies that are just plain annoying (and since the release of the in-game talk button ) and even have annoying kiddie voices :)

    But yeah I might go check it out...I stopped playing competitively after CS 1.1 (well yeah and I kind of grew up too ;) ) but I've played some 1.6 and I kind of like steam...but whatever Valve is releasing Half-Life 2 together with Counter-Strike on the new source engine and from what I saw of the new Counter-Strike at E3 looks fking amazing!
  7. from what i hear condition zero is lame...iv'e been playin cs for a couple years and yea it sucks when your in a room with homos who hack or just talk shit...but it's still my favorite game to play, ecspecially when stoned...i wish battlefield had all the same shit as counterstrike but made the gameplay with guns like counterstrike..then it would be the best...i didn't half life 2 was gonna be realeased with CS 2 thats freakin bad ass are you sure about that?
  8. well not released WITH it but about the same E3 they were showing de_aztec on the new HL2 engine....soooo sick! the water effects are insane and the models are sweeeet.....they added a huge temple at bombsite B :)
  9. damn nice....i cant wait for it..cs is the only game i really play these days..unless i wanna break out the old snes or n64 for me and some stoned buddies...cant beat the oldies...
  10. wow i havent played battlefield in forever...think i'll do that now
  11. If anybody is up for somce cs or dc im willing to kick your ass in either, im a expert in both cal-m in both score is usually kills 20-40 deaths 5-10
  12. ^^i accept your challenge
    what server do you play on? and whats your user name?
  13. me too..ill challenge.

  14. ^^ I accept the challange :D my email for the buddy system on steam is (i dont check that email though)

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