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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Radiant Blur, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. A relative of mine recently became clued in to the fact that I smoke weed, and we've had some pretty lengthy and open conversations about it. Recently he sent me two PDF files of NIDA Drug Abuse information pamphlets and asked me that I look at them with an open mind. Great... You know?

    I've started the work of going through and picking apart their scare tactics and propaganda, getting down to the nitty gritty and checking every scientific study that they cite. I started wondering though, has anyone out there already done that and put together the information to counter this stuff? I can't be the first to have to show people the truth behind the claims in pamphlets like these.

    Here are the PDFs that I'm talking about:
    NIDA InfoFacts
    NIDA Research Report
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  3. Right, that's a great resource and certainly helpful in spreading the right information, but people out there who are skeptics and followers of old ways of thought will still look at the NIDA pamphlets and say, "well why does the pamphlet say this, then?" I'm wondering if anyone's taken the time to put together some good "counter pamphlets", so to speak, or at least a pointed criticism of their arguments and "counter studies" or supplemental studies to help explain the information that the pamphlets cite.
  4. I'm your friend.

    Now tell him your friend quit 3 weeks cold-turkey and that the only side effect was less sleep for two nights.

    Then let him know that for some reason over 25% (sounds more significant if you say it like that) or 14 states have legalized its medical use...

    And maybe ask him if he would have ever guessed that you smoke weed. If he says no then ask him why something which doesn't alter your personality or degrade your character is such a big deal.

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