Counter Strike Source Fav Servers!!

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Operation-Grow, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Post your favorite css servers to play on and what kind of server it is..

    mine is and its a wcs
  2. Skullbocks!!!
  3. do people still play?
  4. Hell yeah i still play. I usually just do surf servers though.
  5. wow it is crazy, I played the old counterstrike back when I was in middle school. I'm now out of college.

    those surf maps are crazy my crappy comp can barely handle them ha
  6. aw man.. bhop servers are the only ones i play besides scrimages. 5v5 PURE AWEESSSSSOMEEENESSS

    weed+ competitive gaming... there truely is a god.
  7. If im playing CSS i ussually play Jailbreak or on this server. I faved it cause the clan is I Smoke Pot so I just had to try it out and its a laid back server. Ussually its on Gungame though.
  8. I really only play on the nuclear fallout deathmatch and scrim now, dont play on pubs very much anymore.
  9. Surf used to be sick as hell, then it got old. All I do now a days is pug a 5v5 or scrim with a few friends, and man I have to say that is more fun than any servers combined.

  10. Exactly, if I play on pubs I always get frustrated with my team since I'm used to scrimming. A lot of times I look on my radar to see a couple teammates watching my back then ending up getting shot in the back.
  11. Haven't played since probably 2005, god I miss it. I used to play at only one server where I was a regular, I just remember the admin was Kaveman or something and it was always de_dust2
  12. haha im banned from so many servers in that game
  13. it's been a long time since I've played cs online, about 5 years actually, but scouts and knives was really fun, especially on low grav hahahaha. I'd play any of the classic maps though, I didn't really care what server to be honest, as long as the ping wasn't too high.
  14. i play casually, pretty cool, usually play wcs server or jailbreak,
  15. haha yeah, unless you get lucky and find the 1 competent person in all of css pubs who can watch yo back :(

    cpl mill/strike FTWW

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