#COUNTDOWN# To Global Financial MELTDOWN

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  1. [quote name='"Blueberry Haze"']makes me want to take my money outta the bank.
    and spend it lol[/quote]

    On weed :D

  2. Just thought I'd point out, if it hasnt already happened, that Genghis Khan fought the Chinese. He was Mongolian, and just because they both have the same eyes doesn't mean they're from the same country.
  3. Well, anyone might be directly descended from the great Khan. 1 out of every 200 men is a genetic descendant of Ghengis Khan because he fucked his way through much of the populated world.

    As for the global financial meltdown, we are in far better shape globally than in the 70s or 30s. Italy, Greece and Spain have always been the black sheep of Europe and most Europeans were concerned that Greece's shitty economy would drag down the Euro:

    The world is not ending and the economy is not collapsing. People still crowd the mall and buy tons of useless crap. People still drive their cars everywhere and spend $4.00/gallon on gas. People still have plenty of money and life is similar to how it was in the early 1990s for the vast majority of Americans...economy isn't spectacular and there's global strife, but in the end the world will push through this just like it has through every other (much worse) crisis in history.
  4. yeah i dont believe it either... sorry bro!
  5. Well...we're waiting...

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