#COUNTDOWN# To Global Financial MELTDOWN

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    I have no doubt there's anyone here that doesn't know at least a little bit of what's going on in the world, but let's go deeper and figure out exactly why, what, who, and how.

    We all know there's a worldwide debt crisis going on right now, and if you don't already know what that is, or you don't really understand what it means here's a pretty basic explanation:

    World Debt Crisis
    Good Video Explanation:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEVqeaFHsHE]The Greek Debt Crisis Explained in Four Minutes - YouTube[/ame]

    United States Debt Explained:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjv-MtGpj2U]US Debt Crisis - 2012 is only for America - YouTube[/ame]

    The debt you hear about doesn't even include the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trillions of dollars sunken into derevatives.


    Who exactly is all this debt owed to? PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS And who are private central banks owned by? PRIVATE CORPORATIONS FOREIGN and DOMESTIC

    Is it odd that so many of the central banks(including the Federal Reserve) are all tied back to the Rothchilds, Rockefeller, and other mega rich globalists who openly call for the destruction of the free market, the end of national sovereinty, the end to private property? How many politicians, world leaders, billionaires, millionaires, and other influential people have to openly talk about a 'New World Order' before it's no longer just a "theory".

    How many of you have heard heard of Agenda 21? Well according to the United Nation(creator):


    In laymans, they consider you a virus(The Matrix [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Na9-jV_OJI]agent smith : humans are a virus - YouTube[/ame]) and a "consumer". To them you're just another faceless body that consumes resources and destroys our environment, and they feel it's their moral obligation to wrangle in population growth and strip the rights of those who are living. To them, the ends justify the means.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzEEgtOFFlM]Agenda 21 For Dummies - YouTube[/ame]


    Does anyone ever wonder why NO ONE ever talks about how we're going to pay off all this debt? Instead we only care about "cutting spending" which is a joke. This whole debt ceiling debacle was played out so theatricality, and S&P said they would down grade us if we didn't come up with $4tril in cuts and we came up with $2tril over the next 10 years. And that doesn't take into account how much more debt will be racked up by then(especially with a rapidly growing population), or the $600+tril derivatives debt bubble we have.

    When do our creditors(i.e private central banks) finally say enough and 'repo' us? What's important though is the impact this small downgrade, and the Euro debt crisis is having on world markets. Major countries all around the world are already experiencing HUGE losses . Dow dropped 500 points before the drowngrade, and on Monday crashed another 600 points making it below the 11,000 mark which is a huge support line. It picked up a little and was hovering just below the 11k mark for a while until Ben Bernanke(chairman of the Federal Reserve) spoke and then markets were back to freefall, until a textbook short covering rally and now, as expected, markets are back to plunging.

    What did Ben say? Pretty much that we're entering another recession. It's not really hard to believe. Compare how the markets are collapsing to other times in history *cough* 2008 *cough* This is big guys.

    Is it possible that all these politicians, all these banks, all these central banks, are not as incompetent as they would lead you to believe? Is it possible that these are very very intelligent people and they know EXACTLY what they're doing? Could it be these faulty entitlement programs that encourage leechers were made faulty on purpose? I believe it was decided that they would bring down the developed nations using the common people.

    Are we watching the point in history where the global elite finally use the debts that are owed to them as a bargaining chip to fulfill their globalist agenda? Only time will, but it's not looking good, as the news that continues to come is only getting increasingly worse. China has already called for a replacement of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world, and other countries and the Main Stream Media are taking that side as well.


    Markets worldwide are approaching major major support, and alot have already crashed through their 200MA. The Euro crisis and the U.S. debt crisis are feeding off each other and driving markets even further. Commodities *cough* gold *cough* are skyrocketing, engineered civil unrest is spreading. Only time will tell what's to come tomorrow?

    What's your guys thoughts? How do we fix these problem? Are we even going to even make out if this intact?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5pxz2MSsWs]Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance - YouTube[/ame]
    (6/18/2011 Chinese president even before all the chaos)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc7i0wCFf8g]George Bush New World Order - YouTube[/ame]
    (There's more where that came from)
  2. tl;dr

    but i think this is what was ment by 2012=the apocalypse
  3. I know, what was I thinking posting something more than a paragraph in a forum full of teens and stoners? I think the globalists are too busy at work stripping our freedoms and establishing a one world government for there to be some extinction level event, but if you think about it what would make a more perfect false flag.

  4. yea, but wouldnt unity be good? i mean shouldnt everyone be together?
  5. Absolutely, but these aren't exactly freedom loving hippies calling for a NWO.
  6. So what day do I mark on my calendar for the final meltdown?
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    I couldn't fall asleep for hours after reading this
  8. It's hard to say, it all depends on the next piece of news. If the news war against the U.S. and Europe continues like it is, it could be today, tomorrow, or next Monday. The media knows that it only fuels investor worry and downward pressure on markets, and there has been no good news at all. We literally haven't seen falls this rapid since the '08 recession that we barely sqeezed out of.

    The 'doom' line is probably going to be the 10,000 mark for the DOW and that's only 719 points away.
  9. So op what do u think is the best course of action for one of the facless common people?
  10. I wish I knew...
  11. Do u think wars will spout from this? I thnk i should locate my nearest nuke shelter.
  12. I never considered the possibility that this crisis might deliberately have been created by a group, but if so, I guess it would be mega rich globalists out to create a New World Order.
  13. "we need to support and promote a greater role of the G20 in global economic governance."

    I'll be damned if me and my future generation of offspring will be speaking Chinese.
  14. I really want to know who are these super rich globalist. They seem to be nice.
  15. War is likely. The U.S. and Europe just put sanctions on Syria and if any country were to attack it(because of Irans defense treaty with Syria) we would immediately be at war with Iran, China, Russia and many others. China and Russia already warned NATO and the U.S. about their involvement in Libya and if Team America World Police decides to push further it could very well be the beginning of WWIII.
  16. America would fuck up the Chinese.
  17. Yea man america would fuck up the chinese but o wait theres 10000 incoming nukes from russia! What now lol just speculating but it can happen

  18. We are the World's leaders of Military Technology.

    America is a deterrent, in every sense.

    The solution to N. Korea.

    Drop all SEAL teams in.

    By mid afternoon the next day there will be no survivors.
  19. Ok but wat about the chinese russians and iranians u cant just forget them and attack north korea this isnt call of duty
  20. Lets do some math: Assuming that most people with assets that exceed $500,000,000 are generally 50+ and will live another 40 years lets see how much that person could spend every day for the rest of their life

    365*40= 14,600 days 500,000,000/14,600= $34,246 A DAY!

    How about 1,000,000,000? $68,493/day

    $5,000,000,000? $342,465/day

    These mega rich have more money than is possible to spend. So basically they hoard all this cash from us and the economy as they've continued to inflate and destroy the dollars value.

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