Count the Environmental Costs

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  1. Count the Environmental Costs
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 11,30,2011

    Count the Costs is an international organization that focuses on the costs of the war on drugs. They have just released an environmental briefing (pdf) discussing the costs of the war on drugs to the environment.

    Send this to all your friends who are active in environmental issues.

    In general, environmental groups have been friendly to drug policy reform (despite governmental attempts at misdirection), but awareness of the depth of destruction caused by the drug war could cause them to increase their support even more.

    Keep the pressure up,,never back off! Show them we can hit them from more than one direction as they did in the recent mmj raids in CA. [​IMG]
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    I'm very disappointed that this article doesn't cover the environmental costs of the federal ban on industrial hemp - though I suppose it could be argued that the prohibition of hemp isn't really a "War on Drugs" issue as much as a political / economics issue. Still, I think it very relevant. The alternatives that we are forced to live with in the absence of hemp have been pretty damaging to the environment overall by comparison:

    Cannabis College | Industrial Hemp | Environmental Impact <--Good read.
    Environmental Benefits of Hemp | Natural Environment Blog
    Environmental benefits of hemp
    Hemp Biomass for Energy ~ Hemp Fuel & Energy

    This list could go on forever...
  3. The only reason hemp is illegal is because of corruption

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