Couldve jus died, need advice too

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  1. So last night was my graduation, and i ended up staying up all night partying and shit and got no sleep. Then when the morning came all the seniors blocked off the parking lots at the school and threw water balloons at juniors who were trying to park in the senior lot. Anyway, i was driving home completely sleep derived and started to nod off

    Im entering a T intersection from the south and suddenly i wake up, floor my gas, go through the stop sign into traffic going each ways, somehow didnt get hit, then managed to swerve to the right right before hitting the guadrail on the oppsisite side.

    I ended up pulling another sharp turn to avoid another incoming car and safely made it back to the other side of the street where i pulled over.

    I swear this all just happened and i am so fuckin happy im alive

    But i was wondering if i could get in trouble for this somehow, no damage was done to any cars around, but is there anyway i could get some careless driving ticket or somethin, thanks
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    dont know were u r from but im from england and yea over here if more than one person reported it and got your number then you would be done for careless/dangorus driving! but the main and most important thing is that you are ok and that nobody got hurt!but theres nothing like a goodold near death exsperiance to make a person love life and all the ppl who are in your live:Dif u got a smoke then if i were u id sit down and have a good long toke and thank ur lucky stars and your excellent quick reactions and driving skills! glad your still with us buddy;)
  3. Depends if there was some cops there who talked to you.

    & whenever you're feeling so tired you almost fall asleep in the car, stop and get out, turn back the seet sleep for 15 minutes then go for a walk and proceed driving!

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