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Couldnt see, could hardly walk, now Im kinda scared

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aemagum, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. hey pals
    so a few days ago a friend of mine got these things... they were like pre-rolled papers but made out of a smokable plastic instead of paper, you just had to fill them, they were mint flavored. we smoked out of one and it was nice. then my friend filled another with tobacco but we then decided to smoke weed out of it instead so we took the tobacco out, filled it with the exact same weed, and smoked
    it tasted like absolute shit. i smoke tobacco very occasionally (once every two days or even less) but it tasted absolutely terrible. we only took two hits each before saying fuck no
    deal is, after that, we walked for about 20min under the sun on our way to mcdonalds. and when we got there i realized i could barely see. everything was WHITE, or very bright, like i had a super bright light shining right into my eyes. i stumbled to a table and my vision didnt come back until like 5 minutes later. it also got better when i ate.
    now im kinda scared, i still have half of that cursed joint but im scared of smoking it, is it normal for that to have happened?? the weed itself was fine, it's the same stuff i've been smoking for the past week or two and it never did something weird. 
    is this normal? should i smoke the rest? i figure if i only take a small hit out of it i should be fine, but im obv kinda scared.

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    Huh. I've smoked my fair share of tobacco and weed. The closest thing I can relate to that is when I smoked my first cig.
    I got those black rings around my peripheral vision, similar to that sensation when standing up too quickly and I felt hella light headed.
    But I don't think I've ever seen white and went blind. If anything, I would just take the weed out and find something else to smoke it out of. Maybe take a walk down to a convenient store if you've got one near by and purchase some Cigarillo blunts.
    Edit: Never heard of plastic rolling paper. I want to say that might be the problem, but if it was fine the first time, then I have no inclination to say as much.
  3. Huh thanks. I don't have any of those plastic things anymore, I usually smoke out of a pipe but I liked those because I like mint.
    ANy othe ideas?
  4. NO!!!! Your vision went out because you smoked plastic. Don't smoke plastic and you will be fine.
  5. Old School Stoner, it wasnt literal plastic, it just looked plastic-y,  someone else just said it was probably cellulose paper, i didnt know what it was called in englsih, sorry. and again only the second one we rolled w that tasted bad. we smoked another one from the same pack of papers a day before and it was nice
  6. I had white vision and everything looked very foggy and cloudy.. this was because i was extremely tired.. i got several good nights sleep and it went away! Maybe you were just tired?
  7. #8 Jeff Fischer, Nov 11, 2014
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    I had that after smoke Question was it really bight out and sunny.  if so it was something with your pupil with being stoned.
    As you smoke up your pupils get dilate (grow bigger) so it being dilate and it being bight and sunny.well more light was going in your eye as your pupils where dilate more light was getting in your eye do something like snow blindness to your eyes 

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