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  1. I was just at my friends house, he was fucking his girl and I was supposed to fuck my ex, but.. :( I got in the room we were kissing and touching all that and we both undressed but when I took my briefs off I stayed regular sizzle :/ , like I had a boner before when she was sittin on my dick but it just went from limp to nothin omg I feel so fucking bad, then she tried to give me head but she was suckin the skin like I'm not circumcised lol so ya know but anyway I AM FUCKING 18, what's wrong with me.. I do look a porn and jack off like 4 times a week cus I feel so Addicyed to sex and I do smoke weed 5 days out the week.. I know this happens but I feel so fucking bad omg.. What am I to do?  THIS SHIT IS ABOUT TO FUCKING KILL ME, IM 18 WTF MAN

  2. Got too nervous man. It happens.
  3. BRO I WASNT EVEN NERVOUS, i done fucked this bitch plenty of times
  4. Another one of these stories. GC needs to set up a subforum. Sheesh.
  5. if u drink way too much that might have some effect.
  6. maybe you like cock instead who knows
  7. Sometimes your weiner knows when you are about to make a bad choice... Least that's how I like to see it
  8. Well it could be from too much whacking it, but you do four times a week, not a day. Probably too much to drink?

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  9. There is. Sex love and relationships. It's under lifestyle.
  10. That's how it be sometimes man... You probably have a reason why you knew you shouldn't fuck her... Happened to me a week ago I was supposed to hook up with a fwb but I knew I shouldn't and I could only get a semi no matter what she or I did.
    OK,so then we need a limp-dick subsubforum.
  12. 😂😂 lol bruh I feel so much better now , but I'm done BEATIN my dick.. The more I think about it bruh I was like "omg I could be in some fuckin wet wet right now.. But my lil soldier not ready" like it was killin. Me but im high laughin bout it now 😤
  13. Nothing happens without a reason, I bet you were nervous eveb about the limp dick and you sorta went into this loop where the more you think about it the more stressed out you get, you get where im going with this? An infinite limp-dick-mind-trap, hahah

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  14. nigga said...whiskey dick.
  15. both your diets will be a factor.
    electricity needs conduct to flow
  16. Maybe you listened to yourself and saw why you were subconsciously repulsed by your exSent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. reminds me of the scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall hahahaha
  18. NEVER FUCK THE EX. Your dick learned the lesson before you did. Be fucking happy.
  19. Happened to me once when I was bout to fuck my girl and I have also fucked her plenty of times so I was like wtf. We smoked a blunt and got back to it and had some good ass sex. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. I stopped BEATIN off.. needless to say my dick works again now😤😤

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