Couldnt get it up!

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  1. Havent posted a thread on GC in a while but I cant keep this in, check this:

    Ive been talking to a girl that I go way,way,way back with dated on and off during our teen years known her since the fourth fucking grade! Too damn long, anyways, this past month weve been talking "exclusively" and havent banged or anything in that manner just some kid shit making out and cuddling.

    Well I just got a new job few days ago and she came to my house cooked for me and wanted to celebrate, cool ass chick right? So we watched a movie, and cuddled intensively......*skipping ahead* so the movie is over and we'd talked about fucking VIA TEXT and agreed upon that we should wait till were officially together..but after some more kissing and dry humping..We stopped and I was like "Damn you make me wanna do bad things" and she said youre one to talk. I was like so you wanna do this? She replied: Thought I made that clear a while ago?...*confused* so I'm like alright, fuck it Im putting on some tunes, grab my straps (condoms) and start kissing her and undressing her...I get her going good...she says: are you ready? And it dawns on me my dick is softer then its ever been!!!!! I'm like "uhh my dick says not yet"...more fingering it is I'm like i gotta piss maybe that will help, so I get in the bathroom pep talk myself into this shit jerking my shit vigurously and it wont do a damn thing!!! she calls my name: I'm like fuck me, I go back into the room bonerless to a beautiful naked woman in my bed and I can't do shit!
    So Im laying there depressed, and shes like I'm a fail and Im like its not you its me and my retarded dick, she giggles I die a little inside and say: "Im about to grab my gun and kill myself"....
    Then shes like lets try something, she gives me killer head And my dude finally wants to come out and play as soon as it got hard she put it in her STRAPLESS cause I'm not risking losing my boner fucking with a condom I stoke that shit a few times and throw a condom on and then fuck her harder then any other woman I've been with, when we were done she couldnt even stand straight I was happy to make up for it! :D

    sorry for the long read, anyone else have this problem?
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    Maybe you're gay? Try fucking a dude and see if you can get "it" up. jk that shit was way too long to read. Should add a TL: DR or whatever the fuck its called haha
    Edit: just read it... You got it up eventually? Then what's the problem?
  3. Looking forward to OP's next thread "girl i fucked is pregnant"
  4. Or "I think I have herpes".
  5. You guys are dicks!
  6. Shes on BC.. and I only went raw for 10 seconds or so...I hadn't been able to cum so I doubt There was pre cum.
  7. I'm sorry, dude. I am a bitch.

    I'm glad you had sex.
  8. INB4 maybe you're gay.

    Edit: Too late.
  9. gay? No. I' was nervous, and couldnt get it up I was attracted to her by all means.
  10. any dude with a sex life has probably experienced this someway some how, vice-versa your all minute mans LMAO
  11. I enjoyed the read. I'm glad she couldn't stand straight at the end, she'll remember you.
  12. [quote name='"HigherEducation"']I enjoyed the read. I'm glad she couldn't stand straight at the end, she'll remember you.[/quote]

    Yes, I shall do it again man..
  13. Only when I'm too drunk. It gets like half way and then is like fuck this I'm tired.

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