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couldn't get high...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by prettystoned, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. two days ago I bought a gram, it was a small bud, it was really dry and squished up , smelled like weed, looked like weed. I rolled up a joint and it burned really fast and tasted like tobacco... I inhaled properly and everything but I just couldn't get high.
    did I buy shitty weed? or maybe it has something to do with the way I rolled it?

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  2. If you bought an entire gram, smoked the entire gram, then it most definitely is not the way you rolled it.

    Idk how experienced you are but I know some people can mess up the inhaling itself. I had to literally teach my girlfriend how to take smoke in since she never smoked anything and rarely smokes weed. Point is, she wasted a few good bowl hits. She'd get the contents to light up and smoke to come out, but never actually inhaled the smoke properly.

    The more likely scenario is that you got some really bad weed. If it was really dry and squished up, that might be a hint right there. If your actual inhalation is on point, and a gram didn't get you high, then you either have waaaaay too high of a tolerance and a T-break is in order, or that weed was just garbage.
  3. If you smoked that gram and didn't get high then it's most certainly the weed. I smoke everyday and roll .5 gram joints every once in a while and they never fail to get me stoned.
  4. that's what i thought. thanks
  5. I wonder if you bought weed that someone pressed for rosin? If so, that's likely why you didn't get high.
  6. These things should have warned you that you did not indeed, buy weed.
  7. That would be the biggest asshole ever.

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  8. Probably just really, really shitty weed. I've had that happen too.
  9. Dw I was once out of the country and smoked an insane 10 grams (if not more) without getting high. Not even a buzz. Either smoke more or next time try testing the weed before buying it. At least inspect it closely for trichome coverage/smell.

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