couldnt find the other baby bump thread...

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. but heres the "grow" as of today...

    its a kinda crappy pic..and its been a long week of packing for the 1000 mile go easy

  2. Looks dank, when's the harvest? :smoking:
  3. your looking great skillette...cant wait to see pictures of your little one
  4. I lol'd.
  5. How far along are you? Any names picked out?
  6. you look beautiful, yeah any names picked out yet?
  7. boy, right?

    if so
    name him dorian

    always thought is was a good boy's name
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    lolz...the "harvest" is nov about 9 more weeks!!!!

    yes its a boy...his name is aidan joseph

    and this pic is actually on a slight i a teeny bit bigger in reality...
    and so that you all can get a better mental only 5 feet tall

    thanks all for the compies :eek:

    ill keep dorian in mind for the next one tho...ive always liked that name...but we wanted traditional irsh this round
  9. November 3rd. But it sure will look funny her hanging by her feet to dry...:smoke:
  10. That's just gross


    Oh lawd, I'ma jus'a kiddin
  11. Can you get mason jars that big? LOL Just noticed it will be a year after you joined! Congrats :hello:
  12. lolz...mels..actually..i think u can...

    and yeah1 i didnt notice that either!! woohoo!

    and green..i KNO im need to rub it in:rolleyes:
    *joke between dev and myself*
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    Don't know about mason jars but I hear rubbermaid makes some nice air tight stuff these days..
  14. John Dorian.....yadadamean????:p
  15. "... And he would be J.D forever!"
  16. More like Dorian Gray.. but I love Scrubs too.

    But back to the skittle. Hope the move back up to the Motherland is smooth sailing and :hello: on the little gremlin.
  17. The glowing mother to be :p!
    hmm hows that move going along? good I hope:wave:
  18. babies are nasty
  19. Hey, your the first person i've seen that looks good prego.

    Stractch that, fucking hot


  20. babies are gross but preggo mommies are mm mm good

    9 weeks huh, have you taken your vagina into the war room for briefing so it knows what to expect

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