Couldnt find a drug test topic so i'll put this here. I Need Grasscitys wise words!

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  1. Well I have a pee test for the military on friday and I need some of grass citys wise words. If you guys think I could pass or if there's anything i can do to help me pass. Alright so last time i smoked was a week ago only took like 6 hits and before that I was clean for two weeks. I've been drinking tons of water and taking detox pills. I know thc is fat soluble so i will add that I have a very slim body. I weight a little less then 130 and i'm 6'1. Anything would help. Thanks grasscity!
  2. You stand a pretty good chance of passing considering how inconsistent your recent usage is and how damn skinny you are.
  3. You should be fine. Just don't be dumb. If you're making the choice of joining the military, just stop smoking. It's not worth the agony of hoping you pass. BELIEVE me.
  4. Man they dont care bout the pre test I heard only for hardcore drugs. I smoked 2 days before meps. Didnt even try to hide my piss and still was sent off
  5. benonite fiber at the health food store

    one table spoon every hour for 48 hours followed by a glass of water each.

    then water for 24 and replenish cells with an emergancy and sea salt.

    clean as a whistle and a whole bunch of toxins removed other than the THC
  6. I know people who got sent home from boot camp for popping on a piss test. Come on now..
  7. hmm, that sounds too good to be true.
  8. You think walmart carries that? If they're even open on christmas.
  9. Not saying its gonna happen to you but did for me. No way I was clean and alot of people with me we smoked in the hotel room. But nothing happned to me
  10. I dont think they test everyone's piss to be honest. That would be extremely expensive. I smoked 8 days before MEPS and was fine.
  11. How long ago was this? The recruiters know I have smoked. They test you before they send you off to meps with a pee test called "Icup" . I've failed once but I didnt think the day would come so soon so i decided to take a couple hits from a blunt.
  12. That sounds better I heard some higher up talking about only testing for harder drugs. So people arent detoxing while in bootcamp. But yeh quit smoking if you plan to stay op
  13. 2011. I failed first piss test at recruiters. Passed another 3 months later. Took 1 at meps before I left(dirty)
  14. 2011? Something doesn't add up lol. 2011 + 4 year contract = something is wrong.
  15. I "quit"
  16. hmm, maybe you just lucked out. The recruiter has threaten about kicking me out if i fail while being a poole.
  17. I'll probably stop by walgreens and buy a pee test tomorrow.
  18. couldnt find a drug test thread on GC?

  19. Hahahaahhaha, never really used this site. Mind linking it to me?

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